True Christianity, or The Evil In Our Midst

candles and crucifix

We are living in evil times. Normally, I try and take a pretty positive view of the world. I teach my seven children to lead lives of righteousness, compassion, and follow Christ’s example in everything they do. But it is getting harder and harder to maintain a positive view with all the things going on in our country. I pray every day for faithfulness and redemption.

My family also lives by God’s 10 Commandments. I know it is not a popular view to hold the 10 Commandments up, but this is God’s law for us. And we are breaking God’s law.

Make no mistake, evil rules the land. Like most true Christians, we are extremely conservative. However, something has happened that keeps me awake at night. Our virtue, our faith has been kidnapped by evil men. These men claim to stand for goodness and the Godly ways, but they are evil men. Satan has taken over our country. We are being led into the pit of despair by Godless fornicators.

I first became concerned when the national elected Donald Trump to be President. This fornicator violates half of God’s 10 Commandments for us. And those are just the ones we know about. He is a Godless heathen who worships only himself and cares nothing for the Lord. He cares nothing for God and only wants to increase his own power. He embraces perverts and pedophiles. People say he is a Christian, but he did not even know how to properly say “2 Corinthians.” It is ridiculous.

There is Roy Moore – a grown man who pursues his fantasies of fornicating with young girls. He covets. He bears false witness. He is a man possessed by evil.

There is Steve Bannon. A man who props up false prophets, is fascinated with the occult (another way of saying Satanism) and is twice divorced. He is a man who openly embraces pedophiles and perverts. He wages war on true Christians.

And then there is Jerry Falwell, Jr. A supposed evangelical that is nothing more than a fake Christian. He supports neo Nazis and White Supremacists. He urges the true and faithful followers of Christ to abandon our principles and embrace these Godless fornicators. He serves the will of pedophiles and perverts.

As Falwell’s own students at Liberty University have noted, he is a fake Christian driven by materialism: “Falwell has shown himself to be unabashedly in service of money and power, at the expense of others, not of the message of the gospel he claims. He is unfit to lead any institution, but particularly one that professes a moral, ethical, or religious mission.” (Statement signed by over 2,000 Liberty students and graduates to the Board of Directors)

I have a lot of love and respect for the late Jerry Falwell, Sr., but not his fake Christian son. The senior Falwell correctly pointed out that the Antichrist was near. He had no idea how right he was. And now here we are, with many Evangelicals supporting these men.

There is one thing I’ve learned over the last year: never underestimate Satan’s desire to control, including his willingness to impersonate Christians. All of these Godless men—these fornicators, perverts, pedophiles, and their supporters—will face the coming judgement. They will burn for embracing Satan and leaving the true path of Jesus Christ.