Meet our People

Sharice – Masters in Professional Counseling

– “After recieving my masters degree in professional counseling

I began the Sorensons Tonga program. I have worked for Sorensons

Ranch Residential treatment Center, owned by my father, for over

fifteen years and have an extensive background in youth treatment.

I have had the opportunity also to work with other programs and

many other therapists. Sorensons tonga is an accumulation of knowledge

and this program is designed to use the best treatment options

for better outcomes. Tonga was chosen not only because of it’s

optimum location and culture but also because my husband is of

tongan decent. Thus we were able to get government licencing and

support for this venture. “

Andrew Douglas – Executive Director – “I am

married and the father of two teenage daughters as well as three

younger children. I have worked with youth in proctor care, at residential

treatment programs, church youth groups and of course at home. I

had the privilege of discovering Tonga and its people as a young

man. I immersed myself in their culture and language and became

a believer in the Islands’ positive influence on oneself.

Their culture is one of respect, love and selflessness. Traits needed

by all of us. My experiences in Tonga have had a profound impact

on who I am. I can’t think of a better place to work with

youth. I could not however, support or take part in this program

if we were merely a pretty piece of sand on which to baby-sit your

child. We have brought together the better part of 30 years experience

in behavior modification with intense therapy offered by having

our therapist team live on campus with the residents in a setting

which is therapeutic in itself. The combination is powerful. I look

forward to working with you as we engage every effort to help your

child achieve greater things. Sione Kafatolu Ha’angana (a.k.a. Kafa) – Crew

Supervisor – from the village of Ha’akame, Tongatapu – “Malo

e lelei! I am 30 years old, married, and the proud father of four

beautiful children. I am enjoying my responsibilities at Sorenson’s

Tonga and have a lot of faith in the program’s ability to

have a powerful affect for good in the lives of those it touches.

My experience with youth has been extensive having been involved

with our local church youth group for the past six years. I find

myself drawing on my experiences both at home and at church as I

work with our youth here at Sorenson’s. I feel our residents

have a real opportunity here to change their lives and find personal

success. I work with a strong crew of great guys who have genuine

concern for their charges. I support this program as I can see it

work and I see myself here for many years to come.” Siosiua Lavame’a Ha-unga (a.k.a. Josh) – Cook

– from Pahu, Tongatapu – “Malo ‘etau lava! I am 31 years

old and have worked as a cook at the International Dateline Hotel

from 1997-2000. In May of that year I joined a crew on an international

freight ship as the cook. This enabled me to travel all over the

South Pacific area including ports in Australia. Since returning

home in November of that same year I have been gainfully employed

as a cook in other restaurants here on the main island of Tongatapu.

I hold a certificate from the Tongan Visitor’s Bureau as a

professional food handler, which gave me the opportunity to apply

for my current position. I love this job! It is rewarding to work

with these teenagers. I am happy to work not only for my paycheck

but for the kids’ souls, their future happiness and success

with their families and society. I hope they will return to their

homes in the United States and become examples for good to those

around them.” Polotu’aho Halalilo (a.k.a. Polotu) – Case

Manager – from the village of Kolonga, Tongatapu – “Greetings

from Tonga! I believe the best way to change the world is one person

at a time. I joined the team at Sorenson’s to do just that.

I have had the opportunity of living in Southern California, in

the United States for a couple of years. It was a wonderful opportunity

to be exposed to a new culture. It was also a challenge to use English

as my second language, but I know from my experiences that for every

problem there is a way to solve it. Change can be difficult but

it can be rewarding as well. I want our residents to have a chance

to show themselves how able they are to face their troubles and

adapt and change for the better. I look forward to working with

each new personality as they make their way to our program in paradise.” Sione ‘Uku (a.k.a. Uku) – Case Manager – from

the village of Tofoa, Tongatapu – “Malo e lelei! I am 27 years

old. I was born and raised here in the “Friendly Islands”

but I have also had the opportunity of living as an adult in “Big

Sky Country” Billings, Montana. It was not easy to change

my environment so dramatically, but the experience taught me patience

and love even with those of a different culture, personalities and

values. I know what a great shock it will be for our residents in

coming here, but I also know that here more than anywhere else they

will have a chance to refocus their lives and grow. I am enjoying

the work here and look forward with anticipation to the future.” Call 1.866.490.3666 toll free. We’ll

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