Golden Flask Synthetic Urine Review: All You Need to Know

Have you heard about Golden Flask synthetic urine? The fake piss is a fairly new addition though it is marketed as a fetish product. People are using this product to pass urine drug tests. Some of them have even shared their success stories. But do we know it isn’t a fluke?

Urine drug tests are quite common in the United States, preferably in the DOT or pre-employment checks. The Department of Transportation makes it mandatory to undergo drug testing for safety-related jobs. This ensures transportation workers work in a substance-free environment.

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine

Furthermore, there are plenty of non-DOT employment screenings that test candidates for drug use. This practice displays a strong commitment to the best standards and workplace safety. It ensures a safe work environment for individuals in various fields across the US.

Golden Flask fake pee does have the ingredients required for passing a urine drug test but we still don’t know how effective the product is.

In this Golden Flask synthetic urine review, we are going to break down everything you need to know about this fake piss for making the best use of your money.

What is the Golden Flask Synthetic Urine?

This synthetic urine product is a relatively new entrant in the business. The product came out two years back and comes from a company named ALS or Alternative Lifestyle System.

The shelf life of Golden Flask Synthetic Urine is up to one year after its purchase. However, this is if the seal is intact. Once you open the product, the storage life drops to 24 hours. This emphasizes the significance of the usage of the product within the specified time.

Ingredients Of Fake Pee Golden Flask

The Golden Flask Synthetic Urine is a more comprehensive kit than many others being sold in the market. It has the same pH levels, creatinine levels, and other elements as human urine.

In addition, it also consists of both urea and uric acid making it even real. The product comes with four ounces of synthetic urine that is premixed.

It also has one heating pad, and a great urine plastic flask, with one temperature strip that is attached to the bottle. This allows you to always check the temperature.

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine Instructions

The method to use this product is quite simple. Since this is already premixed, it eliminates the time and effort for dilution. For optimal results, do the following:

  • Heat the flask for 10 seconds in your microwave.
  • Do not overheat as it can increase the time for cooling the urine to the required temperature.
  • When the urine temperature reaches between 90°F to 100°F, attach the heating pads to the container.

The urine kit has a flip-top cover. This makes it convenient to pour into the specimen cup. It also has a rubber band. Use this to ensure the hand warmers are attached to the bottle securely so the urine maintains the right body temperature.

Remember to shake the flask before pouring the fake piss into the specimen cup. Shaking will make the sample foamy giving it a more natural look.

The most important step in achieving success is to heat the synthetic urine to the correct temperature. Authenticity is everything. Maintaining the right temperature is a crucial indicator of integrity.

Usually, such kits come with heating pads. It allows the fake urine to reach the desired body temperature and mimic the natural conditions. To clear urine drug testing, it is important to ensure temperature requirements are well met.

Where To Buy Golden Flask Synthetic Urine?

Interested individuals can buy this premixed kit from ALS or the Alternative Lifestyle System website. It is called Here, you can choose your Golden Flask product with any prosthetic penis for testing.

You can also order Golden Flask fake pee from Amazon. Walmart, eBay, and other retail stores may have this product too. But we highly recommend ordering from the manufacturer for availing discounts and offers.


The original price of the synthetic urine is 49.95 dollars. But if you order now, you can get it at 34.95 dollars. ALS is offering 30% off on Golden Flask. Those who plan on making a purchase should hurry since the offer might not be for long.

The website doesn’t specify if they offer free shipping but they do promise faster shipping. ALS uses a discreet packaging policy for your comfort.

Money Back Guarantee

In case, you would like to return the product, do it within fourteen days of your purchase. However, the kit should not be used. It must also have the original packaging along with the documentation. ALS will check the package within thirty days of purchase.

States Where Golden Flask Synthetic Urine Is Banned

If the intended use of these products is to influence a drug test, the manufacturer will not sell to residents of Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, New Hampshire, Texas, or any other prohibited state or country.

The makers do not support or encourage the use of illegal substances or illegal activity. Golden Flask is manufactured and sold as a completely legal fetish product. Therefore, the company will take no responsibility if any user applies it to deceive federal laws.

Pros and Cons


  • The high laboratory-grade formula for top accuracy
  • Has discreet and smart packaging.
  • Has all elements of natural human urine.
  • Simple to use along with temperature strips.
  • Suitable for testing or calibration purposes.
  • Comes with a 14-day money-back policy.


  • Short shelf life
  • Legal concerns in select states
  • This can raise concerns relating to deception or fraud in drug tests.

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine Reviews from Customers

Unholymanserpent shares on Reddit that Golden Flash worked on passing a drug test.

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine Review 1

88valthie88 says that the synthetic urine worked like a charm.

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine Review 2

This user too passed with Golden Flask Synthetic Urine.

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine Review 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you specify the ideal temperature for Golden Flask? 

The ideal temperature for Golden Flask is approximately 94 – 102°. This ensures that the product stays in the normal body temperature range. In case the synthetic urine is overly cold or hot, the lab professionals will immediately label the urine as fake.

Q. Golden Flask synthetic urine near me?

You can call this number 888 895 7016 from Monday to Friday any time from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT, for assistance. A customer service agent will assist you in locating the store that is closest to you and sells Golden Flash.

Additionally, you can buy it straight from the manufacturer’s website. They provide two-day and overnight shipping.

Q. Is it possible to rework the Golden Flask Synthetic Urine?

Indeed. It is possible to rework the Golden Flask synthetic urine kit after you open it and not use the entire thing. If you need a tiny sample, it is a great method to get extra value for your investment. Avoid reheating the urine as it can change its gravity.

Q. Are there any temperature strips in the Golden Flask Synthetic Urine Kit?

Yes. There is one temperature strip in the kit. It is a large one that is attached to the bottle. This arrangement makes it simple to read. Additionally, there is also a green strip with the kit.

Q. Is it okay to quickly freeze the product? 

It is okay to choose quick freezing if you want to preserve the product for a long period. But you should not keep defrosting and freezing the sample regularly. This will affect the chemicals in it which will negatively affect the drug testing.

Q. Can you buy Golden Flask in physical stores?

Unfortunately not. The product is not available in stores currently. However, you can purchase it from some e-commerce stores. This decreases your chances of receiving a counterfeit product.

What Additional Products Can Be Used with Golden Flask Fake Pee?

Cheating on a drug test isn’t easy. In the case of supervised drug tests, the difficulty becomes tenfold. However, the following products can make the drug testing process easy and stress-free.

Urine Testing Kits: Some kits are curated to check the reliability of the sample urine. This ensures that the urine meets the ground standards of human urine and puts your mind at ease.

Heating Pads or Devices: Some urine kits may need additional heating to ensure the right temperature. This is where heating pads and devices come into use. Though most products come with hand warmers you can go for an electronic heating element. It makes the heating process easier.

Specialized Containers or Fake Penis: Some packages or containers have built-in heating elements and temperature strips. These are useful to maintain the sample at the right temperature for testing.

Purchasing a fake penis can help get through a supervised urine drug test. These products have a specific area for carrying fake pee too. Buy a quality fake penis that matches your color making it look realistic

Synthetic Urine Belt or Strap: These products are wearables. It allows you to carry urine effectively. Some have extra features like maintaining the temperature.

Pro Tip: To avoid accidents, we recommend that users practice at home with their fake pee. Practicing 3 to 5 times will familiarize you with the product and decrease the chances of making mistakes in front of lab assistants.

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine VS Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine Quick Fix Synthetic Urine
It has a subtle smell which makers claim to be identical to natural urine. Quick Fix doesn’t have that smell.
The website doesn’t specify how long the hard warmers can keep the urine warm. Its heat packs can keep the urine warm for 8 hours.
The website does not have any information notifying about updates. Quick Fix frequently updates its synthetic urine to keep up with the advanced drug testing technology.
At present, it costs 34.95 dollars. The updated version sells at 45.95 dollars right now.

Final Words

So, does Golden Flask synthetic urine work? It seems it does based on the reviews and its list of ingredients. The Golden Flash Synthetic Urine is a high-grade solution. It has a great formulation that mimics human urine and has essential elements like urea and creatine. In addition, it also comes with smart packaging and one temperature strip that increases usability.

However, users must know the small shelf life of the product along with the legal laws in their state. Golden Flask Synthetic Urine is a safe solution for those needing to find a realistic alternative to human urine.