Best Ways to Detox Your Body from THC

A drug test is one of the most dreaded screening exercises for many exposed to drugs or other prohibited substances. However, do not fret; in this article, we are looking at some of the best ways to detox your body from THC.

When going for your drug test, it is essential to know the THC detox method that works for you. Thus, if you intend to ace your drug test without falsifying the result, ride along to get insight to the best detox cleanse for drug test.

Why and when do you need to detox your body from THC?

People are requested to carry out drug tests for several reasons. A weed drug test often stands between an individual securing a job and losing it. Many companies carry out drug tests to ensure that the workplace is a productive and safe place.

When you find yourself in this situation, all you need to do is get detoxified before your drug test. A detox product will not only help you secure a job, but also help you save your reputation, prevent jail time, and keep your job.

How do detoxification and detox remedies work

The detox products are designed to clean your system for the drug test. When you use the right weed detox product in the right way, the chances are high that you’ll get the desired result.

There are various forms of THC detox you can employ to pass your drug test. All you need is to know the kind of test you are to carry out.

  1. Urine test – this is the most common type of test for THC. The test is carried out by getting your urine sample. For your detoxification to be successful, you should start a detox program weeks before your drug test. This will help you cleanse your body of all forms of cannabis residue in your body.
  2. Mouth swab test – for this type of drug test, you will be required to provide a sample of your saliva. To pass this kind of drug test, you need to get detox mouthwash. However, if you are a regular weed user, you will have to start your detox as early as 25 days before your drug test.
  3. Hair drug test – this is used to detect weed residue in the hair. This is because the THC can reside in the scalp for over three months after use. When you provide your hair sample for the drug test, you can use the detox shampoo.
  4. Blood test – you might be requested to provide your blood sample for the drug test.This is one of the quickest ways through which drugs can be detected in your body. What makes the blood test for drugs unique is its ability to detect the presence of weed in your system months after use.

To pass any of this drug test, you can get some of the best detox drinks for THC capable of cleansing your body real quick.

If you have an upcoming drug test, here are some of the best ways to pass your test. We are short looking at both the natural ways and detox products available for you to successfully pass your drug test. If you want to know full guide how to detox from thc you may read this article

Natural Remedies

Fruit Pectin

If you are considering a do-it-yourself process for your drug test, fruit pectin is one of the methods you can adopt. This method is a fiber-based solution where you have to mix fruit pectin with any drink rich in electrolytes on the day of your test.

The presence of fiber forces the metabolite to your bowel and prevents it from getting into your bloodstream or urine. However, this method might not help if you are a heavy user.


If you have sufficient time before your drug test, engaging in an exercise is one of the best ways you can detox your body. In addition, it is believed that exercising will help you burn fat that is infested with THC. However, you should be careful not to exercise a few days before your drug test because this might break down the THC metabolite and release it into your bloodstream.


Steam is a useful way you can detox your body. Constant sweating will help you excrete THC in your body. If you are a heavy user, you can give a routine sauna a try. This will help you sweat out toxins from your body system.


This method is helpful to pass your urine drug test. It involves you drinking a lot of water. However, when using the dilution method to pass your drug test, be careful of water intoxication.

Detox Kits Review

Best Detox Drinks For Weed

One question many users ask is ‘what is the best detox drink for weeds?’ However, this question is open ended because what works for you might not work for another person. Here is one of the best detox drink you can get;

Detoxify Mega Clean is one of the leading and highly effective detoxifying products you can use to pass your drug test.


  • Positive reviews
  • Instruction on how to use


  • If you overdose, it contains ingredient that can induce serious side effects

Hair Follicle Drug Test Detox Shampoo

There are several excellent detox shampoo products that you can use to pass your hair drug test. This works by removing toxin residues from your scalp.


  • It is easy to use
  • Great online reviews
  • Will flush toxins off your scalp effectively


  • It only works for follicle test

Detox pills

5-Day Weed Detox kit For THC Drug Test is a fast thc marijuana detox kit. This product is an alternative to detox drinks, and it comes in different kits depending on what works for you.


  • You can use it with any other prescribed medication.
  • It is perfect for heavy users.


  • Failure to follow the instruction might render it less effective.
  • It is expensive
Home remedies Detox products
There is no exact measurement for the number of portions you should use. There are clear instructions on the quantity to be consumed.
Natural remedies such as dilution can lead to water intoxication If you fail to follow the instructions, the product might not help you pass your drug test and cause severe side effect
These are mainly DIY products They are ready-made products.


Several detox products are available to pass your weed drug. All you need to do is know what works best for you. To fully realize the potency of a detox product, you should use a detox product that suits the drug test you are to carry out.