Are You Really Pro-Life?

Protesting group

As evangelical Christians, we believe strongly in the sanctity of human life. All life is precious! Here in the Williams family, we believe you cannot be pro-life and pro-gun.

How did we end up here?

The Founding Fathers never intended for Americans to have unfettered access to assault rifles. The NRA created that myth (though the intention should be obvious from a basic read of the Second Amendment and an understanding of English grammar).

I just realized that every year in America, 2.5 times more Americans are killed due to gun violence than were killed (on average) during a year in the Vietnam War. Yet so many claim that we don’t have a gun problem. They claim it is a mental health problem or a criminality problem. People can say whatever they want – the facts speak for themselves. You can call an apple an orange or say the sky is yellow, they it doesn’t change the fact that it is an apple and the sky is blue.

While I wouldn’t agree with some of the politicians if they were proposing legislation for metal detectors in schools, armed guards, etc., I could at least say, that I disagree on their solution. As it is, the politicians in America do nothing. They accept the blood money from the NRA and look the other way.

What is Pro-Life?

In America, we really don’t have a pro-life movement. We have an anti-abortion movement. The same people who claim to be pro-life are really pro-death. They support legislation that makes it easier for people to get guns and kill people, they support the death penalty for prisoners, and they have supported the deaths of people in other countries through wars and inaction. That is not pro-life.

As someone who is actually pro-life, I believe in the true words of our savior Jesus Christ. All life is sacred. Not just white lives. Not just babies in the womb, but also when they are born and go to schools. Not just Americans, but all lives–whether they have had the opportunity to embrace Jesus as their savior or not.

What we have in America is a group that is pro-death and anti-abortion, but claims to speak for Christ…in the most un-Christian of ways.

Pro-Gun vs. Pro-Life

True Christians have recognized that you cannot be pro-gun (and particularly pro-assault rifles in schools) and pro-life. You cannot defend school shooters (as the NRA has done) and actually be Christian.

I’m not advocating that all guns should be illegal. As a family, we go hunting. As a family, we have gone target shooting. There’s a huge difference between a single shot weapon on the range and high-powered, high-magazine weapon with no other purpose than to commit murder.

You cannot be pro-gun and pro-life. My family and I pray for a solution to this horrible epidemic.