If you are looking for a program that will be life changing for your family, this is the place.  Liahona Academy is a newly renovated, 54 bed, therapeutic boarding school for struggling teen boys who are ages 12-17.   The word “liahona” is defined as “a compass”.  This definition is appropriate considering our program is designed to help your son find a new direction.

We would dare guess that your son is being manipulative, deceitful, and downright rude to you at times. Does he have an “I don’t care!” attitude?  Is he experimenting with drugs and alcohol? Does he defy you at every turn? Have you exhausted every parenting technique you have and still feel helpless? Though you feel this is your last ditch effort, we know change is still possible. We will help your son redirect his behavior back on a productive, self-governing, positive path.  He will learn to be accountable for his thoughts, words and actions.  We will help your son understand that it’s HIS choices that are going to make him or break him.

Our program revolves around a very structured living environment.  Can your child fold his own clothes?  Can he load your dishwasher?  Would he even think about scrubbing his own toilet?  We would bet that even at the mere mention of chores, he’s on the defense.  We will teach your child that it’s not only helpful if he learns these tasks (as well as many, many more) but also his responsibility to pitch in without being asked to do so.

If his behavior is struggling, then his academics are more than likely struggling as well.  With certified teachers and accredited core, Liahona will get your son back on target academically.  We make sure that your son understands core concepts before moving on, but also push him to learn as much as he can in the short period of time he is enrolled.  Nothing thrills us more than to see the “light” come back into your son’s eyes.

Our therapeutic component consists of family therapy, group and individual therapy by licensed therapists who understand the teenage way of thinking.  Our therapists teach your son’s to communicate openly with you as parents, help them understand where their, sometimes deep rooted, anger is coming from. Our professionals help them understand that “coping” doesn’t have to include self-medicating with drugs and alcohol.  Believe it or not, often times a low self-image could be a huge factor in the destructive behavior you are experiencing with your son.  While in your home, your son isn’t able to express where his frustrations are coming from, after being enrolled at Liahona your child will have a newfound self-respect that will carry him through even the toughest peer pressure situations.

We know we can help!  We believe, just as you do, in your son. We believe that upon graduation, your son will have gained the self-respect he needs to believe in himself again as well.  Let us help you decide if Liahona is the right program for your family.  Call us at 866.490.3666 for a free and confidential consultation.  Let us give you the hope you are seeking and help guide you in the right direction for success.