Military Schools in Houston Texas

What are Military Schools in Houston Texas?

Military schools in Houston Texas are designed for students who need more structured programs than those offered in traditional schools. Education is provided in environments that practice militant-style tactics. These educational programs put emphasis on learning to be disciplined, as well as physical conditioning. Originally, they were created to be alternatives for teens in jeopardy of doing time in juvenile correctional facilities.

Houston Texas military schools provided quality educational resources to students. However, most restrict enrollment acceptance to teens with mild or no behavior problems. This makes them inappropriate for students with learning disabilities, emotional problems, substance abuse issues or mental disorders.

Military schools are boarding schools who use militant-style tactics to educate and discipline students. Their “shock incarceration” measures are meant to be an alternative to intense programming.

Military-style boarding schools for troubled youth is an establishment created as a tough, “shock incarceration” alternative to more intensive programming.

Are Military Schools in Houston Texas Effective?

Just like with traditional educational institutions, there are some disadvantages to military schools for certain teens:

Disadvantages of Military Schools

  • Limited Contact – If the idea of having limited contact with your child is too much for you to handle, military school is not a good approach for you. Teens are given limited contact with all outsiders in order to help them become more independent and self-sufficient. Faculty approval is required for attending family events.
  • Intensive Training – The physical training programs are very intense. Teens who aren’t in great physical condition may not succeed in these militant-style environments. Military students need to be both physically and psychologically fit, or these programs may take a toll on them.
  • Confrontational Approach – This can be an effective approach for teens interesting in futures in the military. However, teens who have gone through any type of traumatic events or have mental disorders may suffer more. The intimidation and humiliation measures they use can be counterproductive for these teens. They operate using bullying tactics, which can be psychologically damaging to teens with drug problems, alcoholism and learning disabilities.

Positive Changes May Not Last

There are numerous teens who have found military-style schools to be beneficial. They speak of having positive outlooks when it comes to their futures. But, it’s not yet clear whether the changes they speak of continue once they leave the programs.

Struggling teens need to address the underlying issues behind their troubling behaviors. This requires getting help from therapeutic intervention programs. These types of programs provide long-term benefits when coupled with aftercare therapy. Military schools in Houston Texas don’t offer therapeutic treatment. Therefore, their efforts will continue to be unsuccessful for “changing” youth in trouble.

Alternative to Military Schools

Houston Texas teens with emotional or psychological problems, or have been diagnosed with mental disorders need to heal from the inside-out. This requires intense therapy in order to address the core issues behind their disturbing behaviors. Teens with learning disabilities and serious behavior issues also need therapy to learn good coping skills. All of these teens need family, group and individualized therapeutic programs. The Family Compass are experts who counsel parents on the best therapeutic treatment programs for their troubled teens.

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