Military Schools in Arizona

What are Military Schools in Arizona?

Military schools in Arizona provide their students with educational programs provided in military-style environments. They include specialized programs that focus on discipline, self-discipline and physical training. These programs were originally developed as stern alternatives to sending troubled youth to juvenile correctional facilities.

Arizona military schools can have positive effects on teens in trouble, in some cases. However, because they’re discipline-driven, program acceptance is usually limited to teens with very minor behavior problems. Military school programs are not always the right choice for teens facing problems such as  mental disorders, emotional or behavioral problems, substance abuse problems or learning disabilities.

Military-style boarding schools were created for tough-minded students. They use “shock incarceration” as an alternative to strict programming.

Are Military Schools in Arizona Effective?

Deciding whether military school is the best alternative for your teen is a huge choice to make. Here are some disadvantages to military schools you need to consider:

  • Limited Contact – If your child is a student at a military school, your contact with each other will be limited. Although they are residential facilities, they do allow teens to attend family functions. However, many restrictions do apply.
  • Intense Discipline – Military-style schools thrive on intensive disciplinary tactics. If your teen doesn’t already have self-discipline, he/she won’t be prepared for the rigorous physical conditioning and militant aggressive discipline required to succeed in these programs.
  • Confrontational Approach – This is not always the best approach for struggling teens. If your teen is suffering from a mental disorder or has been through a traumatic event, this approach will be counterproductive. Intimidation and humiliation simply aren’t effective for teens with these types of issues. The bullying tactics practiced can also damage teens with learning disabilities and substance abuse problems.

Positive Changes Aren’t Always Permanent

There are reports of teens who found military schools in Arizona to be helpful. They reported having a more positive view of their futures. However, it’s still not clear whether the positive changes in these teens continued after they left the programs and returned to their own communities.

Teens with psychological problems require intense therapeutic intervention programs. They also need programs that provide students who graduate or transfer with aftercare treatment. Because military schools in Arizona don’t offer this, they will continue to reap temporary benefits with it comes to “changing” struggling teens.

Alternative to Military Schools

Arizona teens who have serious psychological problems, emotional issues and mental disorders need intense therapy. Those with destructive behavioral problems and learning disabilities also need intense therapy to address their issues. All of these troubled teens need policies and programs that focus on healing and family structures. Military schools simply don’t provide this. The Family Compass can help you find the best therapeutic program for your teen in trouble.

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