Military Schools for Children

Military Schools for Children are learning institutions that are alternatives to traditional school settings. They help students learn values and skills such as teamwork, leadership, responsibility and discipline. They provide military-style environments and structures that can be great motivators for troubled teens. Today, parents of teens in trouble have many obstacles they need to be concerned with, such as peer pressure, gangs, drugs and alcohol. Military schools provide students with a structured environment that isolates them from many of these obstacles.

However, they’re not good alternatives for teens with mental disorders, learning disabilities, emotional problems or those who’ve suffered though traumatic events. Many of these teens have turned to acting out with destructive behavior in a desperate attempt to cry out for help. Military Schools for Children were developed as an alternative to correctional facilities for youth. But, today, they generally don’t accept troubled children with serious behavioral and emotional problems. These teens need Therapeutic Programs to succeed psychologically and educationally.

Disadvantages of Military Schools for Troubled Children

The standards for acceptance into Military Schools for Children are extremely high. In most cases, troubled teens aren’t eligible because they’ve already turned to negative, destructive behavior as a way of expressing themselves. Teens in trouble due to eating disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, ADD, ADHD, self-mutilation and suicidal thoughts need more than humiliation and disciplinary measures to understand the impact of their negative behaviors. These struggling teens need a therapeutic approach to learning about themselves so they can excel emotionally and academically.

Military schools provide their students with outdoor education, extra-curricula activities and artistic pursuits for a more well-rounded education. But, for teens suffering from mental disorders or emotional problems related to traumatic events, these programs aren’t effective as long-term approaches. They don’t provide the therapeutic measures needed to help teens understand the underlying problems that are leading to their negative behaviors. This can only be accomplished with intense individual and group therapy. One of the best alternatives in these cases are Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Children.

There are other disadvantages of Military Schools for Children if your child has serious mental or psychological issues:

  • Parents of teens in military schools have very limited access to their children. Although this is effective for teaching them to be more independent and self-sufficient, it’s counterproductive when it comes to healing. In order to heal from traumatic events or live with mental disorders, these teens need intense therapy. And, those with family issues, need access to family therapy in order to have better relationships with their parents and other family members.
  • Military schools provide private school educations with rigorous training programs. The physical and psychological stress these programs can cause troubled teens can make them feel even more inferior than they already do. Teens must already be strong, both psychologically and physically for these methods to be effective. Most troubled teens don’t have these attributes.

A Therapeutic Approach to Learning

Military Schools for Children use disciplinary measures to teach values. However, this is not always the best approach for teens in trouble. Parents need to be sure that their troubled teens are capable of handling the difficulties and pressures that come with being students at military schools.

If your teen is exhibiting negative behavior because of a mental disorder, psychological diagnosis or traumatic experience, he/she is in need of a therapeutic approach to learning. You need to find an program that focuses on quality education, along with intense therapy. This is the most effective way to get to their underlying issues so that can truly heal.

The Family Compass has compiled an extensive database of Therapeutic Schools for Children. We help our clients by evaluating each individual situation. This is the best way for us to help you find the best approach for your child. Let us help you evaluate Military Schools for Kids and Therapeutic Boarding Schools so you can make the best choice for your troubled teen.

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