Utah Achievement Center Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Teenaged Girls in Utah

Our Program

Emotional Well Being… our treatment programs

are administered by licensed professionals and qualified staff

with your daughter’s best interests in mind. We provide a state-licensed

therapeutic girls home for ages twelve (12) to eighteen (18) with

behavioral and/or emotional problems, but who do not require inpatient

psychiatric care.

Intellectual Growth… we not only provide

academic, technical, social and behavioral instruction, we also

offer “culture development” through the arts, music,

and dance.

Social Structure… our staff is completely

committed to providing social situations and environments that

teach new behaviors and responsibilities in social and private


Physical Aptitude… we prepare young girls

to become young women as they develop specific skills for themselves

and learn how to work as a team through personal fitness and organized


Spirituality… for girls who have struggled

to some degree or another, we provide opportunities through therapy,

academic and residential living programs, to accept themselves,

build understanding and become aware of the world around them.

“Our students leave the program with a new

zest for life and an added dimension in

all facets of their lives.”

-Diana Robbins

Program Director

Our Mission

We are committed to the belief that all young women are capable

of making positive changes in their lives, regardless of the nature

of their problems. We believe that all of our students are worthy

of a safe environment. A safe and structured environment provides

direction as our girls begin their trek towards making good and

proper decisions.

We believe that there are certain behaviors and skills that all

young children should be competent with. For example, we at Utah

Achievement Center believe that all people should be respectful

to each and every member of society, no matter what their race,

creed, age, gender, religion, political affiliations, etc. We

try to instill in our girls the value of treating people warmly

and genuinely without compromising their own beliefs.

We believe that marvelous changes can and do take place as the

student is made aware of her many strengths and limitations. For

these prodigious events to occur in the lives of our students

there must be a time commitment. We believe that the time in a

program should vary, as girls learn to eliminate inappropriate

behaviors, which in the past have often lead to unhappiness in

their lives and that of their parents.

Our philosophy is that as these young ladies are redirected and

begin to practice appropriate personal and social skills, they

will begin to feel of their own personal worth. As their own self

confidence builds, they are ready to make giant leaps in the direction

of becoming the most capable, caring and contributing young women

that one could ever expect.