Utah Achievement Center Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Teenaged Girls in Utah

Life Skills

Students advance in the program through a behavior grading

program. Students are graded on compliance, attitude,

personal hygiene, interactions, group participation, school, personal

chores, and responsibility. Student’s behavioral levels and progress

will be congruent with the therapy levels and progress of the

program. We provide a consistent and effective balance of therapy

and behavior management. There are 5 levels in the behavioral

management system and 10 levels in the therapy model system.

“Expectations are the only barrier between us and

that which we are.”

-T.S. Eliot

Level 0 (Cave phase)

“C itizens A gainst V irtually E verything.”

This phase is when a student does not want to work the program

and is against everything and everyone that is trying to help

her. Insubordination, harmful actions, denial, justification,

minimization, projection of blame are some of the thinking errors

that are going on while on this phase or level. No privileges

are available on this level. Bedtime is 9:00 pm

Level 1 (Lunar Phase)

“Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf!”

This level is for the new student who arrives at Utah Achievement

Center. This is the level where the student is oriented regarding

Utah Achievement Center rules, expectations, boundaries, therapy

commitments, schedule, structure, and rights as a participant

in the program. This phase is similar to the “Cycle of the

Moon.” Upon arrival to Utah Achievement Center, the student

begins to reflect back on her past choices and actions. The thought

of working the system for a short period of time often crosses

her mind and produces what is called the “honeymoon phase,”

A time where everything is just fine. This is also a time where

the student reflects back on certain aspects of their lives such

as: mental, emotional, spiritual, social and physical. It takes

28 days for the moon to complete a full cycle or phase. Each phase

of the moon can represent the mental, emotional, spiritual, social,

and physical aspect of the student’s life. It may take a month

or two for a student to begin to identify areas in her life that

may need some healing, mending, further development, and/or help.

This level allows basic privileges. Bedtime is at 9:30 pm.

Level 2 (Quest Phase)

“I am learning to be an empty cup , so that when fresh water

is poured in , I will be able to receive”

This phase is where the student will begin the quest to better

themselves as a person, family, community member, and productive

citizen. Here they are beginning to catch the vision of who they

truly are or could possibly one day, become. This quest aids in

defining life goals, finding purpose, gaining power and clarity,

connecting herself to a higher being, overcoming fears and self-imposed

limitations, finding inner strength, healing abuse, identifying

grief, anger relationship issues, and identifying consistent patterns

in life direction. Here the student has earned more privileges

such as, additional make up and jewelry, opportunities for an

off campus activities, the honor of caring for an animal (pet

therapy), and/or having pictures and limited decorations in her

room. 10:00 pm bedtime.

Level 3 (Sunset Phase)

“When I participate in the ongoing creative process of my

life, I have no time to judge how others participate”

This phase is where true change takes place. Students begin to

change for intrinsic reasons rather than external reasons. Here

they find closure to the past, like a sunset, leaving inappropriate

and unhealthy behaviors behind. Although, difficult and hard to

let go of the past but ready to move on to new challenges and

a new day. The student now has the courage to move forward on

a new journey. They now become focused on what is right and what

is wrong rather than who is right and who is wrong. There are

opportunities for the student to practice what they have learned.

Students have earned the right for a family visit, off campus

opportunities, additional privileges and a 10:30 pm bedtime.

Level 4 (Achievement Phase)

“You don’t grow old, you get old by not growing”

Here the student becomes pro-active in decision-making and problem

solving. They become a role model for other students in the home

and begin to assist others in their everyday choices. They take

on leadership roles and responsibilities and are ready to face

the day, rising like the sun. They have earned the trust of the

community and staff and will have more opportunities to demonstrate

their desire to return home and be successful. Bedtime is 11:00