Utah Achievement Center Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Teenaged Girls in Utah

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I receive information about Utah Achievement


A: Contact our admissions director by dialing 1-888-882-4453.

You may also fill out our easy online

form and we will contact you.

We recommend that parents visit to our facility to tour and meet

our staff. We realize this may not be possible due to the urgency

to place or travel considerations. The last step would be to make

financial arrangements and schedule the admission date for your


Q: Where are you located?

A: Utah Achievement Center accepts 18 students and is located

in historic Manti, Utah. We will provide directions to our facility

upon request .

Q: What is the average age of the students in your program?

A: Our average age is approximately 15 years old. Our students

range in age from 12 to 18.

Q: What is the average length of stay in your program?

A: Many of our students complete their treatment in as little

as 6 months. Our average length of stay is approximately 9 months.

We try to focus more on positive outcomes and less on time frames,

while still remaining sensitive to the financial and emotional

needs of the family.

Q: What are the living accommodations like?

A: Utah Achievement Center maintains a home-style environment.

Your daughter will have 2 or 3 roommates. We provide all the amenities

of a regular home. Outside, we offer access to a sports court,

track, basketball courts, soccer field, ropes course, and much

more. Students may also choose to work with our horses, and participate

in group sports, recreation, music, or art projects. Utah Achievement

Center believes that coupling nature with a constructive environment

aids emotional healing.

Q: Are you a locked facility?

A: We are not a typical “lock-down” facility, even though

the students may not leave. We prefer to call ourselves a “staff

secure” facility. We have a minimum of 1 staff member to

every 4 students, and are therefore able to spend valuable one-on-one

time with those in need.

Q: What is the daily schedule?

A: The typical daily schedule consists of exercise, planning and

goal setting, individual time, meals, chores, school, animal care,

a session of group psychotherapy, a session of recreation therapy,

an activity in the community, and individual or family therapy.

The activities are diverse and varied. We focus on numerous positive

experiences every day for our student’s wellbeing.

Q: Is your school accredited, can credits be transferred

to another school?

A: Our academic curriculum is accredited through the Northwest

Association of Schools and Colleges. Any course our students complete

at Utah Achievement Center can be transferred to any other school,

public or private. Our Education Director works closely with the

school of your choice to make sure academic transition is accurate

and complete.

Q: What is the school curriculum?

A: Our curriculum is comparable to any normal junior high or high

school curriculum. We individualize academic needs for each of

our students. All work and testing is organized for school district


Q: What is the policy regarding confidentiality?

A: All information about your daughter is completely confidential.

Q: What are some of the common problems girls have who

are admitted into Utah Achievement Center?

A: Two of the most common problems we treat at Utah Achievement

Center are depression and opposition-defiance. Our typical student

has low self-esteem and is struggling with authority. Other common

problems we address include drug abuse, school failure, trauma/abuse,

mood disorders, and family discord, etc.

Q: How much therapy does Utah Achievement Center offer?

A: We provide 10 hours of therapy per student per week (individual,

family, group, and recreational therapy). We individualize the

treatment your daughter receives at every possible level, such

as placing her in psychotherapy groups that are specific to her

particular issues. Current examples are body image, relaxation,

emotions, social skills, adoption, and trauma.

Q: How much contact may I have with my daughter?

A: During the first week, there are no phone privileges outside

of family therapy. Your daughter will be able to communicate more

with her family as she progresses. A minimum of one phone call

per week to parents is allowed for each student. We hope you will

plan to visit your daughter as often as you can. We encourage

face-to-face family therapy, and we require at least 1- Utah Achievement

Center visit and 1-participation in a family weekend experience

before discharge.

Q: How do you handle my daughter if she refuses to comply

with the program?

A: We believe in using natural and logical consequences. We do

not use isolation rooms, restraint systems, or medication to subdue

students. Our therapeutic and considerate approach is facilitated

by our high staffing ratios. We believe that lasting motivation

for change within your daughter is fostered by healthy relationships

with peers, staff, and family.

Q: What are the qualifications of your clinical staff?

A: We have clinicians with a wide variety of expertise and experience.

All of them hold at least a Masters degree. Our expertise includes

Family Systems, Psychology, Social Work, and Recreation Therapy.

We believe that we have put together a team of professionals who

not only hold needed credentials, but also are passionate about

working with youth.

Q: Can I talk to parents who have placed their daughters

at Utah Achievement Center?

A: Yes. We encourage you to speak with those who have placed their

daughter in our program. Many parents are excited to share their

experience with you. Contact admissions for a list of parents

in your area or who have had similar experiences with their daughters.

Q: What are your costs, and is there special funding


A: Some insurance plans have a “Residential Treatment”

benefit, and in some cases, this may help defray your costs. Our

rate is competitive and educational loans are available upon request.

For specific questions about costs, call us at 1-888-882-4453.