Utah Achievement Center Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Teenaged Girls in Utah


Utah Achievement Center students attend a small, accredited

private school on campus, with small class size, academic

plans tailored to student needs, and a challenging, supportive

curriculum. The Utah State Board of Education and Northwest Association

of Schools and Colleges accredited the Utah Achievement Center

curriculum in January 2002 . Utah Achievement Center school focuses

on each student’s personal academic needs. We offer multiple courses

at Junior High and High school levels, and can even provide students

with college level independent study course work.

We provide numerous academic options for each student.

There are small, conventional classes in each discipline, individualized

packets that the students can work through at their own pace.

Each student’s needs are assessed upon intake, and a plan is developed

that may utilize these options, depending on the students needs.

” As for the future, it is your job not to foresee

it, but to enable it.”

– Angela P., Age 17,

Ontario, Canada

There is a certified teacher in the classroom at all

times, with specialists and tutors available as the need

arises. Utah Achievement Center tries to foster a positive learning

atmosphere by having weekly progress reports, including the school

staff in the weekly interdisciplinary treatment team, and modifying

curriculum when the students needs dictate. We utilize community

resources such as libraries, vocational testing and area colleges

and universities for independent study and specialized electives.

Utah Achievement Center offers…

  • Utah state certified teachers and administrators ·

    Certified School Guidance Counselor

  • 1/12 teacher to student ratio (plus individual tutors)
  • Individually Administered Educational/Vocational Assessments

    including: School/Education Survey, Woodcock-Johnson R Test

    of Cognitive Ability and Test of Achievement and Career Interest

    and ability survey

  • Monthly progress report · Direct group instruction

    and Independent Study

  • Year around school with English, Science, Math, Social Studies,

    and Vocational education, Enrichment classes in art, music,

    crafts, sports.

  • Bridges and Choices portfolio programs
  • SEOP (Student Educational Occupational Program)
  • Commitment to learning
  • 100% credit transfer for college preparatory courses