Turning Point at Granita Park Boarding Schools for Troubled Teenaged Boys

Turning Point at Granita Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will my son be able to continue

his education and get High School Credit?

A Yes, in fact he may catch-up on missing credits

or advance toward early graduation. We have school 12 months a

year. Additionally your son may participate in a variety of vocational

programs to enhance employable skills such as construction, masonry,

agriculture, ecology, recreation, computers and more.

Q How does our son get to the program?

A Turning Point at Granita Park does not transport

youth to placement. We will however refer you to 3 of the top

Escort Agencies in the United States. We encourage you the parent

to come and pick your son up at graduation from the program and

participate in our family retreats and seminars


Q As a parent, what is our role?

A Turning Point empowers you the parent, by sending

you a monthly report, detailing your son’s progress and occasional

photographs to help ease the anxiety of separation.

Q Can we visit our Son?

A Yes, your involvement as a parent in family

counseling and family retreats is imperative to your son’s permanent

growth. Turning Point looks forward to equipping you with the

knowledge and skills that will ensure your son’s successful return


Q How often and when can we talk to our son?

A We encourage the boys to phone home. Typically

Sundays are days for phone calls. History has shown that more

than a once per week phone call disrupts adjustment to the placement.

We also encourage you to write letters to your son on a weekly


Q Can we limit other outside communication that

our son may receive?

A Absolutely, as the legal guardian you will

fill out a section in the Enrollment Packet where you tell us

who may correspond with your son. If we receive mail or phone

calls from people outside of your correspondence list we will

forward them to you.

Q What about routine or emergency medical and

dental needs?

A Again in the Enrollment Packet you will fill

out the insurance information, that we will use when your son

needs to visit the doctor, dentist or in case of an emergency.

Q Does Turning Point at Granita Park take young

men on medications?

A Absolutely, many of our students are in need

of medication that aids in a chemical homeostasis. Medication

adjustment or prescription will be billed through your insurance

as a separate cost for a visit to a Doctor or Psychiatrist.

Q How soon can we get help?

A TODAY! Immediate help is just around the corner.

Simply fill out our quick application on this site or call our

admissions office and they will send you an Enrollment packet,

or download the Enrollment Packet from this website.