Turning Point at Granita Park Boarding Schools for Troubled Teenaged Boys

Turning Point at Granita Park

Program Overview

RESIDENTIAL: Turning Point at Granita

Park is a structured, emotional growth program designed to create

a predictable, organized and supportive environment essential

to the overall well-being and growth of the student. The Residential

Program lasts 8 to 10 months, depending on the progress of the

student. During the program it is expected that the student will

participate in the following educational and therapeutic activities:

  • Individual and Group Counseling by a Certified or Licensed Mental

    Health Therapist.

  • GGI’s: (Guided Group Interactions) Daily Group

    Counseling with the Life Coaches.

  • Social Norms of Positive Living – clear guidelines

    to keep the student and others safe.

  • S.T.E.P.S to Achievement: (an acronym) that

    stands for Service, Transition, Education, Purpose, and Success.

    Each student will progress by graduating from one level to the

    next until each level has been completed.

  • Service Roles: Duties and responsibilities

    that will assist the student in becoming a positive role model,

    thus improving the “quality of living” for the student

    and others.

  • Community Living Meetings: A forum for allowing

    community issues to be discussed and resolved, provides a sense

    of unity, leadership and encourages healthy interactions.

  • Corrective Procedures: Measures for maintaining

    the health, safety, and welfare of every resident. A tool for

    individuals who fail to respect the pursuit of “healing &


  • Education: Provides each student the opportunity

    for accredited academic instruction. Students are able to continue

    their educational goals and may even “catch up” if necessary.

  • Experiential Education: Ranch work, working

    with animals, and many other activities.

  • Recreational Activities: Camping, hiking, swimming,

    fishing, basketball, soccer and other activities.

  • Education: Student will continue with his education

    or work towards a vocation.

  • Individual/Family Therapy: The student and

    his family will work on a regular basis on Family therapy and

    the student’s transition home.

  • GGI’s: Students will continue to help support

    each other as they are now faced with real world challenges.

  • Positive Peer Cultures: Student will be evaluated

    as per how he selects positive peers the activities in which they

    become involved.

  • Life Coaches: Students will have a Life Coach

    to Coordinate, Assess, Link and Monitor the student to needed

    services in the Community.

  • Recreational Activities: Student will be allowed

    to participate in local community recreational activities as well

    as Family Based activities with the Professional Parents/Family.

    Will work on healthy relationships in a Family Environment.





We appreciate your

inquiry to Turning Point at Granita Park! The decision to place

your child in an educational program is an overwhelming experience

at best. It is with this in mind that we hope to be able to provide

you with information that will assist you in making an informed

decision about the “right educational and therapeutic program”

that will bring out the best in your child. Turning Point at Granita

Park focuses on helping your child discover his personal talents

and gifts that will slingshot him into a productive and successful



Derrick Cook,