The Boys Ranch Academy Therapeutic Treatment Center Boarding Schools for Boys

History of The

Ranch and Its Founders

In 1984,

following one of his usual Monday night visits to Waxsters

Juvenile Detention Center, Chuck McClanahan vowed to dedicate

his life to helping troubled teenagers. Each Monday night,

Chuck would travel from his comfortable suburban home to

the facility, leaving behind his beautiful wife, Christine,

and their two precious children.

His mission was to encourage these troubled teenagers to

make positive changes in their lives. That particular night

as he was preparing to leave the facility, a young boy approached

Chuck and began to talk about his mother whom he loved and

missed terribly. The boy continued to talk about his feelings

until all at once he cried out in pain, “But I will

never see my mother again. She just died from a heroin overdose.

My father’s in prison and I have nowhere to go but here!

Chuck reached out and embraced the hurting teen as tears

strolled down his own cheeks. It was at this moment that

Chuck made a commitment to help troubled teens, just like

the one he held in his arms.

Later that year, Chuck and Christine opened their Prince

Georges County, Maryland home to their first two foster

children. As the size of the McClanahans’ hearts quickly

outgrew their home, they were blessed to find and purchase

an eighteen-room colonial manor home that was located on

two acres in Davidsonville. In October of 1985, Chuck and

Christine began providing care to eight troubled boys. However,

Chuck continued to dream. His plan was to someday build

a ranch in the mountains that would provide a great environment

for troubled teens to make positive changes in their destructive


In 1990, one year after Christine received a phone call

about an available 70-acre property in Pennsylvania, the

McClanahans moved their own four young children into a small

dilapidated PA farmhouse and began cleaning and repairing

the house and surrounding property. However, it soon felt

like home to the young family. In 1993, Chuck was able to

purchase the property. Immediately, the young visionary

and his board of directors began constructing a 6000-square-foot

lodge that would provide housing for fifteen boys. Soon

after, a second house was built that now houses six additional

boys who have achieved the second phase of the program.

Included in the development of the property, was the construction

of a school/administrative office building, a vocational

building, a weight room, horse stables, a hay barn, and

an indoor horse training pen.

The Ranch Today

At this time, the Ranch provides care to twenty-one teenage

boys ages 13-17 and utilizes the services of 25 fulltime

staff members. The McClanahans realize that the need for

facilities such as theirs is continually growing. With twenty

years of experience, they are driven by a passion—that

is in turn fueled with the knowledge—that troubled

teens really are worth trying to save. Now, together with

a dedicated team of folks who are committed to the cause,

Chuck and Christine work diligently to provide troubled

teens with the tools they need to get their lives back on


As Executive Director of the Ranch, Chuck McClanahan oversees

day-to-day operations, financial management, and all plans

for future development of the facility.

As Personal Care Director, Christine procures and manages

all services and goods provided for the care and welfare

of the Ranch’s residents. Both Chuck and Christine continue

to work to promote the Ranch and its programs to surrounding

businesses, clubs, churches, and other interested groups

while providing a home-like atmosphere to the boys that

are in their care.