The Boys Ranch Academy Therapeutic Treatment Center Boarding Schools for Boys



and Life Skills Integration

At the Ranch, our equine and vocational program are integrated

with our alternative education-based academic lessons in

keeping with the educational standards for secondary schools

set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Our program utilizes real-life experiences to teach reading,

writing, public speaking and communications, life and plant

sciences, chemistry, mathematics, vocational trades, physical

education and health, technology in media, music, and the

fine arts, psychology, and cultural diversity.

“Relevance to Life” Lessons

Academic science units involving biology, chemistry, plant

science, and ecological studies will be integrated into

the equine program through lessons involving equine and

human anatomy, feeding practices and nutritional issues,

agriculture, land and soil conservation, and woodland, stream,

and wildlife education. Knowledgeable and qualified guest

speakers from the community and surrounding areas, combined

with field trips to horse-related businesses and industries

provide “life relevance” to the science curriculum.

Budget and Financial Planning

Academic mathematics units will involve and include important

financial skills such as: bookkeeping and record keeping,

budget planning, balancing a checkbook and bank account,

financing and loan acquisition, payroll and small business

concerns, and the application of math and geometry in building

construction through the planning, drafting, and building

stages of a real structure in a hands-on approach.

Technology and Media

Through the use of Internet research, digital video recording

and editing software, music composition and recording technology,

and visual and audio presentation, students will learn to

create CD and DVD recordings of their efforts and achievements

in the equine and vocational program for use in the advertising

and public relations fields.

Social and Interpersonal Skills

Students will attain and build social and interpersonal

skills necessary for real-life relationships in and out

of the workplace. After intensive and practical instruction

and preparation, students—in the company of staff

counselors—will be given opportunities to volunteer

and/or job shadow responsible and successful adults who

work in vocational or horse-related industries. Through

valuable mentoring experiences, our students will recognize

the importance of responsibility, perseverance, and honesty

in the pursuit of financial stability.

Our academic program operates according to the standards

for secondary education set by the Pennsylvania Department

of Education, in cooperation with the Southern Fulton School

District in Warfordsburg, PA and Tuscarora Intermediate

Unit 11.