The Boys Ranch Academy Therapeutic Treatment Center Boarding Schools for Boys

The Boys Ranch Academy is boarding school for boys ages

13-17 who are demonstrating life-controlling, life-threatening

behaviors. Length of stay is six-nine months, or longer

if needed. The facility is located in Fulton County near

Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania, 8 miles south of Breezewood,

Pennsylvania. This location is strategically positioned

with Pittsburgh only 2.5 hours to our west and Philadelphia

3.5 hours to our east.

The campus is situated on a fairly secluded 70-acre property

adjoining 6000 acres of State Forest. The boarding school

is part of a setting of rolling green lawns, pastures, and

adjacent wooded areas nestled between two mountains. In

these tranquil surroundings, with spectacular views and

fresh, clean air, our residents find a friendly, non-threatening

environment in which they can slow their pace with the assistance

of caring staff in order to refocus and discover a new and

better direction for their lives.

The Boys Ranch Academy Therapeutic Treatment Center Boarding Schools for BoysThe

Boys Ranch is a staff secure boarding school. Residents

are under 24-hour supervision. The only exception is when

boys are on an approved home visit. Our purpose is to help

develop positive character in at-risk boys. A structured

boarding school under the direction of a caring, supportive

staff is where our residents will be held accountable for

the past choices they have made. They will be encouraged

to evaluate the decisions which have brought them to this

point. A new positive value system will be made known to

them. They will be encouraged and guided to act upon this

new knowledge by putting on new behaviors as they shed the

old. When they fail, they will be encouraged to examine

the character flaws which brought about the negative incident.

The staff will help the residents realize gifts and talents

that are operative in their life and how they can use and

develop these into life long strengths.

Ultimately, through staff members modeling positive character,

teaching, and counseling, there will be a direct impact

on the relationships the residents have in their homes,

their future vocations, and their communities.

Character development is the core of our boarding school

and the key to any long- term change. Our goal is to instill

in each youth the character traits of respect, responsibility,

honesty, caring, self-control, courage, and punctuality.

Life-skill development is an integral part of the program.

Various skills are enhanced through practically participating

in cooking, purchasing, health care, and money management

and general duties necessary for independent living. On-campus

academics provides youth with a positive learning environment

where they can excel academically. The school is an approved

Alternative Educational School with the Pennsylvania Department

of Education. The school also provides GED instruction for

those residents who meet the requirements. Vocational instruction

teaches proper work ethics and skills. This is an important

part of the program and is accomplished through our on-campus

vocational program. It is designed to help the residents

learn responsibility as they follow through and complete

given assignments. The vocational program is also designed

to help our youths develop proper work ethics. This will

enable them to become successful once they enter the workforce.

Residents will acquire hands-on experience in construction

and automotive fields by participating in many different

building or mechanical projects. There are also opportunities

for constructing practical wood-crafts and furniture in

the on-campus carpentry shop.

Therapeutic equine program helps build character and develop

life skills.

Character Development Goals

Self-Control: The ability to control

oneself for the sake of improvement. Dedication to following

through on a commitment. Being in control of your words,

actions, impulses and desires.

Courage: The strength to practice positive

character traits. HONESTY: Being truthful with yourself

and others. Refusing to lie, steal, cheat, deceive or take

advantage of the trust of others.

Respect: Showing consideration for self,

others, and property. Understanding that all people have

value as human beings. Our respect displays our belief in

their importance and worth.

Puncuality: Being on time for appointments

and meetings. Handing in assignments when due. Making plans

ahead of time to ensure being punctual.

Resposibility: Being accountable for

ones actions. While we are accountable for our actions and

decisions, we are also accountable for the results of those

decisions and actions. Being dependable in carrying out

obligations and duties.

Caring: Treating others with kindness

and compassion. Acting out of concern and thoughtfulness

for self, others and property. Being considerate, courteous,

helpful, and understanding of others. Treating others as

you would like to be treated.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a safe and secure residential environment

for troubled teens, while equipping them with the needed

tools to develop positive character traits, along with academic

and vocational education programs that will enable them

to lead productive lives.