Alcoholism and Addiction Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Resources 
Our aim is to provide a useful collection of resources for English speaking chemical dependency professionals and individuals recovering from alcohol and other drug problems worldwide

Alternative Treatment International, Inc. 
Alternative Treatment International, Inc. – Residential recovery treatment program in tropical Clearwater, Florida for addiction, alcoholism, depression, mental health, trauma, and relapse prevention

Florida Center for Recovery 
Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) Substance Abuse Treatment Center offers clinical excellence and compassionate service in a healing environment.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive indole alkaloid derived from the rootbark of an African plant – Tabernanthe iboga. In recent years it has been increasingly noted for its ability to treat both drug and alcohol addiction.

Recovery USA 
Recovery USA, llc is an online resource for those seeking recovery information, community connections, and high-quality 12 Step Recovery Supplies for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.

Addiction no More 
Drug rehabilitation, drug rehab center, substance abuse and alcohol treatment centers, offering comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation program referrals for addiction and alcoholism

Alcohol Rehab Directory 
A one stop resource for all your alcohol rehabilitation needs

Alcoholics Anonymous History: Dick B. s Materials on A.A. s Bible Roots 
Alcoholics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous History. Dick B. is the leading scholar on the spiritual roots of alcoholics anonymous. There is no other historical material of this kind; not in Alcoholics Anonymous, not on the net, and not in the libraries or bookstores. An active, recovered Alcoholic himself, Dick B. tells it as it was, so you can be victorious and be delivered today with Alcoholics Anonymous as it is.

Alcoholism Drug Addiction Treatment Recovery Alternative 
Alcoholism and drug addiction is not a disease but a choice. Empowering and practical approach

Dual Diagnosis Treatment 
Information and resources for dual diagnosis, addiction treatment, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and other mental health and addiction issues.

Intervention Center – Family Intervention for Addiction 
Intervention resources for alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, computer addiction, other self-destructive behavior. Vaughn J. Howland

Intervention Solutions 
Family Intervention when you need a helping hand

NA AA Recovery Zone 
NA AA Recovery Zone is dedicated Recovering Alcoholics and Addicts. Site features NA and AA Page, 12 Step meeting lists, NA 12 Step Working Guide, Recovery Tools, Personal Stories, Recovery Slang Term

NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY, (NICD), Provides alcoholism and drug addiction / addictions information, articles, and resources for help

A National Institute providing a clearinghouse of addiction information for substance abuse, alcoholism, drug and chemical dependency, and other addictions

Orange County Treatment Centers 
A unique website portal for recovering persons or others to find a spectrum of needed social service resources for recovery, rehabilitation and renewal. 
Alcoholism, quit drinking Recovery from alcoholism

Recovery, Inc. 
Recovery, Inc. is a nonprofit mental health self-help organization that offers weekly group meetings for people suffering from various emotional and mental conditions. 
Overcoming Your Alcohol, Drug & Recovery Habits: An Empowering Alternative to AA and 12-Step Treatment

The Agape Center in Columbus Georgia 
A recovery center and clubhouse in Columbus Georgia used primarily by Alcoholics Anonymous groups. Offers local meeting schedules for AA, CA, NA and Al-Anon groups.

The Recovery Emporium 
Recovery Group Resources and Gift Items – The Recovery Emporium

The Recovery Zone – A 12 Step Resource Guide 
The ultimate resource guide for 12 step recovery information on the web. Get the help you need for Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Smoking, Obesity, Sex Addiction. Listen to the Big Book of Alcoholics Ano

Treatment Resources 
National service that helps individuals find appropriate addiction and mental health resources

Turning Leaf Press 
Turning Leaf Press is a collection of 12-step slogans garnered in the six plus years the site has been up and running. The slogans are changed daily and the site offers the entire collection for anyone to enjoy. New 12-step slogans are always welcome

Web of Addictions 
Web of Addictions is dedicated to providing accurate information about alcohol and other drug addictions

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