Sorensons Tonga employs full time therapists licenced in the

state of Utah to provide help for substance abuse and other mental

health diagnosis. Students meet with their therapists weekly for

individual counseling. Additionally our program offers weekly

group therapy. Some of the specialty groups available are : Drug

prevention/intervention, peer, life skills training, adoption,

anger, grief/support, and more.

Many young people that are in need of an intervention for their

substance abuse also have another co-occurring mental health diagnosis.

It has been our experience that a problem such as depression,

anxiety, or PTSD, is often a precipitating factor for substance

abuse. Without specifically addressing both issues, the treatment

will be significantly less effective.

The clinical department at Sorenson’s uniquely includes both

mental health therapists and specially trained substance abuse

counselors. Substance abuse issues are addressed in group and

individual settings, as part of the overall treatment plan. This

well-rounded approach to assessment and intervention provides

our students with cutting edge services

The program consists of a strong behavioral component coupled

with a multi-disciplinary and multi-theoretical element. Using

a point-and-level system the client learns through basic cause

and effect principles. Additionally the client earns both positive

and negative consequences immediately based on observed behaviors.

We have the around the clock staff to provide the supervision

and positive role modeling to help individuals make changes. The

level assignment is made by point accumulation and a recommendation

of the multi-disciplinary team. Each level has attendant privileges.

The structure of our program is carefully designed to provide

close enough parameters that the client cannot continue to seriously

hurt himself/herself with self-destructive behaviors, yet he/she

has enough freedom to make choices within these parameters. It

is this opportunity for decisions and choices that allows the

student to experience the results of his/her behavior, both positive

and negative. In this way he/she is able to develop an internal

value system, rather than seeing rules and regulations as coming

from external sources that can be resented.

Each client is evaluated to assess the most appropriate interventions

and program emphasis. Therapy is vital to help the client to change

and resolve issues blocking his/her highest functioning. Clients

participate in individual and group therapy. Psycho-educational,

community, alcohol and drug, recreational, and topic groups provide

timely interventions for the individual client. Treatment plans

are written to specifically address the clients unique problems.

Recreational therapy is provided through our wide range of activities.

Each client is assigned a personal caseworker who has 3-5 clients

in his or her charge. The personal caseworker comes to know each

client as his or her own, acting as a personal advocate as well

as a mentor. The personal caseworker heads the client’s treatment

team, integrating treatment plans with other professionals and

acting as a contact person with parents or placement agencies.

Level 1- Pig:

Student recieves encouragement to improve.

Level 2- Turtle:

Students recieve a flower lei.

Level 3- Dolphin:

Students recieve their tongan name.

Students recieve wooden carved dolphin.

Level 4- Flying fox:

Students recieve the formal clothing of tongan culture.

Students recieve a small traditional gift from staff.

Level 5- Whale:

Students recieve a luau in their honor done in the unique tongan

–tradition, with a cooked pig.

Students recieve a wooden carved whale.

Students recieve a traditional gift from staff.


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