Financial Arrangements

Sorensons Tonga operates entirely on tuition monies and has no

scholarships available. In some cases religious organizations,

state agencies, or insurance companies (depending on the individual

policy) will help with some tuition.

Monetary policy for Sorensons Tonga

The Admission Fees of $2,000.00 and first month’s Tuition of

$3,500.00 make a total due upon entry of $5,500.00.

Along with tuition, you will be billed monthly for personal expenses

such as co-payments on doctor’s visits or prescriptions. If clothing

is purchased for your child or any other miscellaneous items you

will be billed for those items on your monthly statement.

Sorensons Tonga must receive a thirty day notice prior to the

date you intend to withdraw your child from the program. If this

notice is not given, a penalty of an early-pull (which is an extra

month’s tuition) will be charged to your account.

Sorensons Tonga does not bill insurance companies. It is the responsibility

of the parents to pay. If parents would like to get insurance

coverage we can provide some treatment information.

Payment due before the 10th of the month.

If tuition becomes more than 30 days in arrears, student may be

sent home at parent’s expense.

It is suggested that parents do not give or send any money to

the student personally. Part of our level system is to have students

earn their spending money.

Monthly Tuition Cost: $3,500

Admission Fees: $2,000

To Receive an Admissions Packet Call us toll free at 1-866.490.3666

Clothing List for Sorensons Tonga

2 pair of blue jeans that fit correctly

5-7 pair of shorts

5-10 T-shirts

2 long sleeved T-shirts

2-3 pair swimming trunks

1 light weight jacket

1 medium weight coat ( The winter months in Tonga may have a few

cold days)

8-10 pair of underwear

8-10 pair of socks

1 pair pajamas or sweat pants and a shirt for sleeping

1 pair of tennis shoes

2 pair sandals or flip flops

1 pair hiking boots (optional)

1 set of twin-size sheets with pillowcase

1 blanket, quilt, or comforter

4 towels

2 wash cloths

Personal toiletries such as shampoo, deodorant, razors, toothbrush,

sun block

Items Not Allowed

NO black clothes including high top boots or Dr. Marten’s

NO gang, cigarette, alcohol, or rock band symbols on clothing

NO medicines or over-the-counter aspirin, Tylenol, inhalers, sprays,

etc.Nothing aerosol or with alcohol

Nothing expensive or of sentimental value

NO earrings for boys

NO CD’s walkmans, tapes, skater magazines, “R” rated

movies, cassettes (clock-radios okay)

NO knives or weapons

Call 1.866.490.3666 toll free. We’ll answer your questions

and point you in the right direction. We will take your call 24/7

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