Sorensons Tonga Young Adult Therapeutic Treatment Center Drug Rehabilitation Boarding School

We believe that addiction is a multi-faceted disease. We know

from long experience that individuals can recover from their disease

and can begin restoring meaningful lives, with freedom and productivity

in recovery.

We believe that recovery from addictive disorders is a process

of transformation. And, while we cannot provide a cure for addictive

disorders or promise a life free of relapse, we can and do prepare

our clients to recognize and respond responsibly to their own

relapse triggers. Unlike 21 day programs that have a high likelihood

of relapse we offer our residents longer treatment times that

allow the body and mind time to heal itself.

We also believe that a strong spiritual foundation is critical

to an effective recovery program, and that the nature of that

spiritual foundation is revealed in the process of healing and

quality of each client’s growing relationship with God.

Our treatment settings provide a comfortable, home-like living

environment under 24-hour supervision. Our staff of caring people

provide the best treatment available. Through meetings, workshops,

group therapy and individual counseling our residents become aware

of the psychological, physical and spiritual implications of long-term

substance abuse. We help each resident discover and effectively

manage emotional or psychological issues that might interfere

with his or her recovery through group and individual counseling

and psychotherapy. And, they help each resident determine and

address their own unique relapse warning signs.

The island of Tonga offers a unique setting for our residents.

Familiar temptations and distractions are a world away.

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