Refuge of Grace Academy Boarding Schools for Girls

“Life is managed – not cured.”

Refuge of Grace Academy

Refuge of Grace Academy is a full-time, Christian

Boarding school for girls.

Hope for Parents and Girls

Do you remember the hopes and dreams you had for your daughter

when she was just a toddler? You wanted so much for her back

then, just as you still do. But something has happened since

those early days that was not a part of those hopes and dreams.

Somewhere along the way that young girl you care so much about

began to make unwise choices and show attitudes that have

caused your heart to drop in sorrow. You see her headed for

pain, loss, destruction, and feel helpless to stop her, in

spite of all you’ve done.

But there is hope. Refuge of Grace Academy

offers strong structure, discipline, character training and

quality education all in an atmosphere of respect and love.

We are motivated by the love of Christ and sustained by confidence

in what He can do.

A school like Refuge of Grace Academy may

seem like the last hope for a change in your daughter’s

way of thinking and living. And while enrolling your daughter

in may seem like one of the most difficult things you will

ever have to do, be encouraged. Once she is removed from her

destructive lifestyle, she can receive a fresh start here,

as many girls before her have done. They have completed their

high school education, have been restored to their families,

and moved on to be gracious and productive young women.

Academic Overview

Refuge of Grace Academy provides a college

preparatory program and vocational preparation with a high

school diploma. This flexible yet structured program serves

both the student of high academic ability through an accelerated

progression to college-level courses, as well as students

of more modest abilities. The curriculum allows the time for

mastery of fundamental concepts and skills to be achieved

at the highest level of each girl’s ability.

Deeper Goals

Our sincere desire and goal is to encourage and nurture

respect, self-discipline, leadership, and creativity in each

of our young lady’s lives, whether academic, religious,

social, athletic, musical, or extracurricular.

We work individually with each precious girl, and with God’s

help we strive to change a rebellious and out of control girl

into a God-honoring and parent-honoring young lady. We train

her to be an honest, hard-working asset to the community in

which she will live. During her time here, she will also be

taught how to care for a family and home. We also desire to

help her achieve a personal walk with God.

For the young lady whose relationship has been destroyed

with her parents, we help to repair and rebuild that relationship.

Instead of the student quitting or resorting to the “easy”

solution, the staff at Refuge of Grace work

with these young ladies in order that they may find the right

answers to their problems.

For information about Refuge of Grace Academy Boarding

Schools for Girls – call 1-866-490-3666 toll free. We have

consultants waiting to take your call 24 hours a day/7 days

a week – Call now!