Re-Creation Retreat Boarding Schools for Girls

“Life is managed – not cured.”


Retreat Boarding School

The rrimary goal at Re-Creation Retreat

is to provide a safe, positive environment where each student

is able to learn and apply the Principles of Accountability,

Responsibility, Self Respect, Respect for Authority, and Self

Motivation, and is thereby able to return to their

homes, schools and communities with positive and lasting results.

The efforts of our staff are totally focused on achieving

this primary goal through the consistent application of the

components of our program.

At Re-Creation Retreat we have developed

a sound program that utilizes an holistic approach with

the goal of modifying the child’s behavior patterns while

empowering the child to regain order and direction in their

lives, as well as fostering a sense of self-worth and accomplishment.

To help each student build this vital foundation Re-Creation

Retreat has developed a comprehensive program centered

around three primary objectives.

  • Individual Improvement
  • Individual Accountability
  • Community and Others
  • By focusing on these key objectives we have developed a sound

    program to assist the student in developing vital academic,

    social, and vocational skills as well as learning to participate

    in community and physical activities.

    Through an organized and deliberate process of Education,

    Therapy, Recreation and Community Service each student

    learns the benefits derived from positive life experiences

    and the setbacks that result from negative experiences. These

    fundamental tools are the building blocks upon which the child

    builds the foundation necessary for them to succeed in our

    program and to reunite back into their homes, schools and

    communities as positive and productive participants. By consistent

    application of these tools by our staff each child is able

    to build on their strengths while learning an appreciation

    of the positive aspects of self control and self discipline.

    Order & Discipline

    Just as it takes time for a child’s life to become disordered

    and undisciplined, it also takes time to regain order and

    discipline. Through a deliberate and consistent process of

    communicating rules and applying consequences each child learns

    acceptable behavior patterns and how to bring order into their

    lives. Simply put, Discipline is Learning.

    At Re-Creation rules and expectations are

    clearly taught to each child and negative consequences are

    applied for violations. When the child’s behavior is according

    to expectations, positive consequences follow.

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