Passion Quest Short Term Treatment Centers and Programs

Passion Quest Programs

For more than a decade we have owned and operated inpatient

and outpatient services for struggling teens. We have also

operated a state foster care company with DCFS(Department

of Child and Family Services) and DYC(Department of Youth

Corrections) contracts. More recently we have developed,

owned and operated Turning Point at Granita Park which is

a residential treatment center for troubled youth. This

is a 9-12 month program that costs approximately $50,000

per year. Each month hundreds of parents contact us seeking

help for their son or daughter, however, less than 2% of

families can afford such help.

Two years ago we were contacted by the State of Utah to

clinically oversee a program for one of our local counties.

The purpose of this program was to work with adolescents

and their families to empower the parents and prevent the

adolescent from entering state custody. We adapted the techniques

that we used every day at Turning Point to be implemented

by parents in their own homes. The results have been astounding.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that teens who

were originally recommended for long term residential treatment,

were able to solve their problems at home a lot quicker

for a fraction of the price.

With the family unit in mind we completely revamped our

entire program and added a 30-day inpatient program followed

by 60-day aftercare plan. This program will empower you

as a parent, while helping your adolescent work through

their behavioral, emotional, and mental health issues.