Passion Quest Short Term Treatment Centers and Programs

Passion Quest Programs

Passion Quest is a highly structured 90-day

program designed to create a predictable, organized and

supportive environment essential to the overall well being

of your child.

Passion Quest is designed to assist your

child in making positive personal changes. Your child will

discover extrinsic and intrinsic values for pro-social behavior

via appropriate reinforcers and the following activities:

  • Extensive Testing (Psychological Profile)
  • Individual Counseling
  • GGI’s (Guided Group Interactions/Group Counseling)
  • Positive Peer Culture
  • Social Norms of Positive Living
  • Levels Program
  • Service Roles/Projects
  • Community Living Meetings/Force Field Analysis
  • Corrective Action Procedures
  • Educational/Vocational Opportunities
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Recreational Activities

A variety of Professional Staff and Direct Care Staff

are on duty at all times, some of which include:- Licensed

and Certified Mental Health Therapists, Program Director,

Staff Director, Life Coaches and Mentors. All staff work as

positive role models as they maintain a 1-4 client to staff

ratio. Our motto is “Team Work” and we encourage

you as the parent to become a member of our team.

Passion Quests philosophy is quite simple….”Help

your child find their balance by taking him/her out of his/her

comfort zone”. Passion Quests main objective

is to help your child understand the relationship between

his/her struggles and his/her personal choices. By participating

in the program he/she will be able to break free of negative

and often, destructive behavioral patterns. Our staff will

help him/her develop effective coping skills and communication

skills necessary for success. Your child’s “Passion

Quest will begin with his/her ability to accept personal

accountability for his/her actions and responsibility for

his/her choices.

While we are working with your child we will also

be working with you, to create a similar structured environment

for your child to return to at home. By placing

your child in the 30 day inpatient program you have just

empowered yourself as a parent. Your child will quickly

learn that you can make decisions that will affect his/her

life. This placement will act as a wake up call for your

child. Your child will quickly learn that this program is

a “Last Chance” type program. If he or she were

to fail the program for any reason they will be referred

to a long-term program or into state custody. This perception

alone will serve as a constant reminder to your child and

reinforce positive behavior as your child will not want

to lose his/her freedom again.

During your child’s stay in a Passion Quest

program our therapists will customize the 60 day at home

follow up. A daily tracking sheet will be provided

to you, via our website, to record your child’s behavior.

At the end of the day you will sit down with your child

and review how the day went, then enter your results for

each day on the website for our therapist to review the

following day. The therapist will respond to you the following

day to give you instant feedback. Your son or daughter will

be used to this process as they will be doing a similar

thing in the 30 day program. Your consistency is imperative,

and will demonstrate to your child that you are serious

about them making positive changes in their lives.