Child Health Explanation from Newborns to Teenagers 
Complete parenting portal for research into child development, health, discipline, tips, books and other resources.

Early Childhood Links – portal to thousands of links for parents, teachers 
Portal to thousands of links for educating, entertaining, furnishing, outfitting, and parenting children. Shopping directories for the entire family, the home, and teachers

Healthy Parenting – Raising Happy Healthy Children…Naturally! 
A parenting resource site about attachment parenting, alternative parenting, positive discipline, natural living, organic whole food eating and holistic health.

Inspired Parenting Home Page 
Expert parenting advice holistic parenting children and emotions A strong parent and family community featuring expert parenting advice, a free monthly journal, and discussion for all parents, grandpa

Kids Help Online – Children’s Help Resources Database 
Children’s Help Resources via a user-friendly database. National Hotlines, Links to Internet Resources 
Quality sites on Parenting, Education, Research and Homework Help, Children’s Software and Holidays as well as book reviews and parenting articles. Family-friendly site

The Formula for Happiness 
Written by clinical psychologist Douglas R. Ramm, Ph.D, the formula leads the positive psychology movement into new levels of relevence and application. Dr. Ramm has worked for 30 years with troubled children in his practice and his programs are currently being applied in the juvenile justice systems as well as the schools in Pennsyvania.

The Human Connection 
Learn how to Spot Potentially Dangerous Students, Stop School Violence and Shootings. The Human Connection: Joyce Divinyi

Washington PAVE 
Washington PAVE is a parent directed organization that works with families, individuals with disabilities, professionals and community members in all walks of life and with all types of disabilities. PAVE, a non-profit organization, exists to share information and resources with people whose lives are linked to children and adults with disabilities.

Child Predators and Mind Control 
Learn how child predators use hypnosis, drugs, and even torture to subdue victims, avoid detection, and confuse law enforcement — while seeking the trust of parents.

Effective Parenting Strategies 
Professional advice and resources for parents of young children, adolescents and teenagers, focusing on discipline and behavior problems including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Get help for family issues with award winning author, psychotherapist and columnist, James Windell

Got Kids Network 
Managing a child is not easy. Build and strengthen your trusted support network today with is a networking site for parents to share, recommended, and connect on the everyday issues of raising children.

Your complete resource for Kids and children. Designed for better parenting in mind. Helpful information on and children and kids. Created by parents for kids. Up to date articles on children and kids, with FREE online games and FREE downloadable games. KidsDirect is a Child Safe Site 
We provides a free resource for parents which includes parenting tips and parenting advice. Find parenting articles about your child from toys and clothes to common issues for effective parenting. 
Nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting healthy families by empowering parents to make educated decisions. We are able to provide immediate, confidential and FREE parent-help recommendations and a comprehensive list of youth-serving community resources. Parents can make a difference! the one-stop parenting resource for anyone raising kids 
Where you can find advice and friendship to guide and support you through the trials and tribulations of raising children. Our site offers a large variety of resource including parenting articles, advice, free coloring pages, links to useful websites, message boards, and just about anything else a parent or grandparent could want

Resources for Children with special Needs 
Information, referral and advocacy for NYC parents of children with disabilities.

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