What are Military Schools in Ohio?

Ohio military schools provide structured educational programs for troubled teens. The military-style environment includes programs that emphasize physical conditioning and discipline. These programs were developed as rigorous alternatives to confining struggling youth to juvenile correctional facilities.

Although military schools in Ohio can be effective for teens in trouble, enrollment is generally restricted to those with mild behavioral issues. They are not necessarily the most appropriate setting for teens with learning disabilities, or substance abuse, behavioral and emotional problems or mental disorders.

Military-style boarding schools for troubled youth is an establishment created as a tough, “shock incarceration” alternative to more intensive programming.

Are Military Schools in Ohio Effective?

Just like with traditional educational institutions, there are some disadvantages to sending your teen to a military school.

Disadvantages of Military Schools

  • Limited Contact – When you enroll your child in a military school, you will have limited contact with him. The faculty is trying to teach your how how to be more self-sufficient and independent. They are hoping that this will help teens with future endeavors as a young member of society.
  • Rigorous Training – The intense physical training can take a major toll on your teen. They need to be prepared for the pressure from superiors and peers. Teens must be both psychologically and physically fit to succeed in a military school environment.
  • Confrontational Approach – This approach is not always appropriate for troubled teens. Many struggling teens suffer from past traumatic experiences or mental disorders. Tactics of humiliation and intimidation are counterproductive in these cases. The bullying style can be potentially damaging to teens with learning disabilities, substance abuse problems and mental disorders.

Positive Changes are Usually Temporary

Many teens have reported that military schools were helpful to them. They left having a more positive outlook about their futures. However, it’s unclear whether these changes continued after they left the military schools. Whether or not their positive behavior continued once they returned to their own communities remains to be known for sure.

Troubled teens need intense therapeutic intervention while they’re in these types of programs. They also need programs that include specialized aftercare therapy. Without these factors, military schools in Ohio will remain as unsuccessful tactics for “changing” juveniles.

Alternative to Military Schools

Ohio teens who are struggling with mental disorders, emotional problems and psychological issues need some form of therapeutic treatment program. Others have behavioral problems and learning disabilities that need to be addressed. In these cases, they need programs and policies that are more family-centered and focus on intense individualized, group and family therapy.

Therapeutic boarding schools in Ohio include the parents and other family in all the decision-making related to your child. Research has shown that small, family-centered programs are more effective than military schools in the long term. The Family Compass can help you find the right therapeutic treatment program for your troubled teen.

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