Military Schools in New York State are just one option for parents of troubled teens who are frustrated and need help. Military schools are responsible for teaching students the academics that are required by the New York City Board of Education. However, they operate with much stricter discipline standards than traditional schools. There are some advantages to military schools. There are also some major notable disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Military Schools

Currently, there’s only one Military School in New York designed specifically for troubled teens. This limits the options for parents hoping to get help for their struggling teens. Although the military-style environment does teach the art of discipline, there are some strict rules for admittance into the program. Military schools were generally developed as an alternative to confining teens in correctional facilities. However, they’re admittance is generally restricted to juveniles who have mild behavioral problems.

If your troubled teen has a learning disability, substance abuse issues or emotional and psychological problems, military schools aren’t the appropriate setting. They concentrate more on careers than building the mind. This is a major disadvantage for a teen who’s negative behavior can be attributed to traumatic events or mental disorders.

One of the issues parents want addressed when it comes to the troubled teens, is their ability to deal with others in a positive manner. Many graduates of military schools have noted their inability to bond with, or even hold a conversation with others that don’t think in the liberal ways they do. Everything is about codes of honor, tradition and discipline. Very little emphasis is placed on healing the mind. For this, your troubled teen needs intense group and individualized therapy. That’s why many parents of troubled teens in turn to therapeutic boarding schools to help get their teens in trouble back on track.

Applicants of military schools must demonstrate high athletic and/or academic performance. They are also assessed on their community involvement, extracurricular activities and experience with leadership. But, the majority of all troubled teens are failing in school, or just not excelling to the best of their ability. Therefore, they will never be accepted into these schools. Many have become withdrawn or exhibit negative, destructive behaviors. So, they don’t have the recent history of community involvement or leadership experience needed for acceptance.

Advantages of Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New York (NY)

Many experts agree that the confrontational approaches practiced by military schools is inappropriate for teens with emotional and psychological issues. There confrontational model of humiliation and intimidation is counterproductive to teens who are already having a hard time expressing themselves in a positive manner. These tactics can be very damaging to these teens.

These teens need intense therapy in order to learn more about themselves, the underlying issues related to their destructive behaviors. Therapeutic boarding schools help troubled teens develop empathy for others, as well as social skills needed to survive in the world. This is done be concentrating on helping them heal from a traumatic event or the diagnosis of a psychological or mental disorder.

Get Help for Your NY Troubled Teen

If your teen is in trouble, he/she needs an individualized approach to treatment care. Your teen needs a therapeutic approach in order to discover his/her specific needs and strengths. Troubled teens need a program that’s family-centered, which according to research, is much more effective than New York military schools in the long-run.

The Family Compass can help you find the right therapeutic program for your teen. Let us evaluate your troubled teen to help you decide which program is right. Email us today, or call The Family Compass at 866-490-3666 to get the help you need for your troubled teen today.