What are Military Schools in New Jersey (NJ)?

Military schools in New Jersey provide educational programs in military-style environments. These schools include programs which emphasize discipline, as well as physical conditioning. Their programs were originally designed as strict alternatives to placing troubled youth in juvenile correctional facilities.

In some cases, military schools in New Jersey can have positive effects on struggling teens. However, acceptance into these programs is usually restricted to children with minor behavioral issues. In many cases, the programs are appropriate for teens troubled by substance abuse, learning disabilities, mental disorders or emotional or behavioral problems.

Military-style boarding schools is an establishment which was created to be tough. They deliver “shock incarceration” as an alternative to intense programming.

Are Military Schools in New Jersey Effective?

Making the choice to enroll your teen in a military school is a big step. However, you need to know that there are some big disadvantages to military schools:

  • Limited Contact – Parents with teens in military schools have limited contact with their children. These residential facilities allow students to attend family functions, but only after approval. These restrictions are put in place in an effort to teach teens how to be more self-sufficient and independent.
  • Rigorous Discipline – This is one of the most important factors of military-style environments. Teens who aren’t prepared for intense physical training and military-style disciplinary tactics won’t make it in these programs.
  • Confrontational Approach – When it comes to troubled teens, this approach is not always appropriate. A teen who is suffering because of a traumatic experience or a mental disorder, will not benefit from military schools. The tactics of humiliation and intimidation are usually counterproductive in these situations. They practice bully-styles that can be damaging to the self-esteem of teens with substance abuse problems, learning disabilities and mental disorders.

Positive Changes are Generally Temporary

Some teens have found military schools to be helpful for giving them a more positive outlook on life. Yet, it’s still unclear whether or not these positive chances lasted after they left the schools. It still remains to be seen whether their positive behaviors continued after returning to their communities.

Struggling teens need intense intervention that include therapeutic programs. They can also benefit greatly from programs that provide specialized aftercare treatment. Without these positive factors, military schools in New Jersey will continue to be unsuccessful programs for “changing” troubled teens.

Alternative to Military Schools

New Jersey teens suffering from emotional issues, psychological problems and mental disorders need some forum of therapeutic treatment. Teens with serious learning disabilities and major behavioral problems also need to address their issues through therapy. These teens need programs and policies that are more family-focused that those provided by military schools. The Family Compass helps parents find the best therapeutic programs for their troubled teens.

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