What are Military Schools in Maryland?

Military schools in Maryland teach students through very structured educational programs than provided by traditional schools. They use militant-style environments and tactics for disciplining teens. The programs are designed with an emphases on physically training, as well as discipline. In the beginning, their purpose was to serve as alternatives for juveniles in jeopardy of serving time in youth correctional facilities.

Maryland military schools offer their students quality educations. But, they have a strict acceptance policy. Enrollment is usually limited to teens who don’t exhibit any sort of major behavioral issues. This alone makes these specialized schools inappropriate for those with mental disorders, learning disabilities, alcohol and drug problems and emotional issues.

Military schools are essential boarding schools. They use militant-like tactics for educating and disciplining their students. They employ measures known as “shock incarceration”, which are said to be intense programming alternatives.

Are Military Schools in Maryland Effective?

Although there are some advantages, there are also disadvantages of military schools for teen with serious issues:

Disadvantages of Military Schools

  • Limited Contact – Many parents are turned off by the idea of having limited contact with their teens in military schools. The rules for getting approved to attend family events are very strict. This is in an effort to create more self-sufficient, independent teens.
  • Extensive Training – These schools require that all their students participate in rigorous physical training programs. Teens in poor physical condition will have a hard time meeting these requirements. They need to be psychologically strong and physically fit in order to benefit from these programs.
  • Confrontational Approach – If your teen is thinking about a future in the military, this can be a good approach to learning. But, when it comes to teens with mental disorders, or those coping with past traumas, the bullying tactics can be counterproductive. Their humiliation and intimidation tactics can cause teens with learning disabilities and substance abuse issues serious long-term psychological damage.

Are Positive Changes Long-Lasting?

Some teens have noted that military schools helped them see brighter futures for themselves. However, there’s no proof that these are long-term changes. When it comes to teens in trouble, the core issues causing their negative behaviors need to be addressed.

The best method for this is a therapeutic intervention program. This will ensure long-term behavioral benefits, as long as the program includes aftercare treatment. Military schools in Maryland don’t provide student with therapeutic treatment for lifelong changes in troubled teens.

Alternative to Military Schools

Maryland teens with mental disorders or psychological issues need deep, inner-healing techniques. The most effective way to discover the core issues leading to the destructive behavior is through intense therapy. Teens with learning disabilities need specialized teaching methods to overcome their shortcomings.

Teens with serious issues benefit most from structured programs that include group, individual and family therapy. The Family Compass is here to help you evaluate various therapeutic treatment programs for your troubled teen.

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