Liahona Academy Boarding Schools for Teenaged Boys

Liahona Academy

As a residential treatment center for

troubled teen boys, we believe that love and discipline

in a controlled environment is the key to changing destructive


We understand the adolescent years are a trying time for

parents, teens, and siblings of troubled teens. We help families

deal with this difficult time by taking the teen out of their

current situation and giving them a fresh start in a refreshing

and stimulating environment where positive structure is provided

and inappropriate behaviors have definite consequences and

good behavior is rewarded.

Our program’s design is based on academics, therapy,

behavior modification, positive peer culture, recreation,

and vocational training. We feel that this combination is

an effective formula for bringing out the best in your child.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of education;

while continuing to implement what we believe to be one of

the highest forms of education… VALUES.

Responsibility, accountability, self-respect, and integrity

are characteristic behavioral traits that show how intelligent

we are.

We will teach each boy the traits that will lead him to a

greater understanding, motivation, and desire for lasting

positive direction.