Best Interests 
News and resources for professionals and volunteers who advocate for abused and neglected children

Child Alert Safety System 
The Child Alert Safety System is the most advanced child safety program available! Easily create a disk that contains your child’s photos, video and vital information to be used in an emergency

Child Abuse Council of Santa Clara County 
The mission of the Child Abuse Council of Santa Clara County is to protect children from abuse and neglect by their parents and caregivers, and from the systems designed to protect them

Choices for Youth 
Choices for Youth is a public education campaign funded by a grant to i.e. communications, LLC from The California Wellness Foundation. The goal of the public education campaign is to develop and implement a public education campaign to inform policymakers, opinion leaders and the general public about the need to increase resources for youth violence prevention.

Common Threads Self-Help Book About Child Abuse Mental Abuse and the Effects of Trauma 
Book about child abuse, spouse abuse, divorce and the long-term effects of mental abuse and physical abuse within a family. The authors of Common Threads: Stories Of Life After Trauma also provide workshops for: Therapists training, holistic therapy training, healing trauma, workshops for massage therapists.

Peer Abuse Know More! 
This site gives a definition, signs, symptoms, theories and possible treatment for Peer Abuse.

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