Focal Point Academy Mesquite Nevada Boarding Schools

“Decisions affect more than just

ourselves.” A comment made by one of our students

during a group therapy session. This idea, while quite simple

can be very difficult for many of our students to comprehend

upon admission into our program. Our policies allows for our

students to grow through experiences, choice, consequence

and reward, and incentives to make real life decisions where

they can truly understand the power and impact that they have

on themselves, families and friends

“This program did not change me…I decide

to change for myself.” A comment made by a

student during his graduation ceremony. Certainly, somewhat

of a backhanded compliment, but one that we readily accept.

Yes, most of the time our experiences can change us…in

the short term. If we actively take part in the decision making

process of our experiences, change is usually long-term. Our

program seeks many opportunities for our students and families

to make life changing decisions for positive change. We identify

real emotion, validate feelings and foster a culture within

our program that allows for change not only to take place,

but where growth and development can last a life–time.

Focal Point Academy – Mesquite, Nevada

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