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Flying 7 Ranch

for Youth

Flying 7 Ranch for Youth is a working

cattle and horse ranch located in Southeast Idaho.

The youth program at the ranch will provide your son

with a unique, lifetime experience while working on the ranch.

Why we are unique:-

  • We will only take 6 to 8 young men at a time which provides

    great one on one attention for each youth.

  • Achievement by the youth will be based on their own goals.
  • This ranch is an established, working cattle and horse ranch

    not a makeshift outfit created so we could have a youth ranch.

  • The ranch staff will be made up of the cowhands, horse trainers,

    and athletic coaches from the Harrigfeld family (owners of the



Your boy’s experience here will include everyday chores and

hard work such as round-ups, cattle drives, branding and vaccinating,

and much more. Each youth will also have his own horse to learn

horsemanship and training.

The young men who attend the ranch will

achieve based on their own goals, and the more they achieve,

the more they will experience.