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Flying 7 Ranch

for Youth


Our Mission:-

To help youth through our ranch work, horse therapy,and

special needs resources, to learn how to be responsible, achieve

goals, and live correctly in order to succeed in today’s world.

With the guidance of our full time therapist,

Flying 7 will develop a plan after the youth is admitted to

assess the child’s immediate and specific needs, and identify

the direction and goals needed for positive change. Then Flying

7 will initiate the specific services and other resources to

meet those needs. We only have a maximum of eight students which

assures individual attention.

Schooling needs will be met through the special

needs program at the local high school. However, they will be

schooled at the ranch again guaranteeing one on one attention.

  • Goals: The boys will set goals for responsibility accomplishment

    etc, which is already there

  • Journals: A journal will be kept to track their progress and


  • Activity: Activities will consist of normal ranch work including

    calving, foaling, branding, round-ups, and cattle drives

  • Horse Therapy: Each student will have his own assigned horse

    that he will learn to care for and help train.

The schedule will be flexible to allow

time for the needs of the boys. Such as therapy, etc.

Sometimes the ranch work itself will necessitate flexibility

in scheduling, for example, during calving and foaling times,

we may have to be with an animal during unscheduled times.