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Flying 7 Ranch

for Youth


1. What sets us apart from other youth programs?

We only have a maximum of 8 boys at a time to ensure individual

attention needed by each youth. We are a real working cattle

and horse ranch, and our animal therapy has been shown to be

highly affective in changing lives for the better.

2. Where do the boys stay?

A ranch house with a security system and all the comforts of

home. Each boy will have his own room with one roommate.

3. Will the youth have access to a therapist?

Yes we have a full time therapist for those who will need one.

4. Will the boys be able to keep up on

their schooling?

Yes. Schooling needs will be met through the special needs department

of Bonneville High School District #93 in Idaho Falls, Idaho,

but the student will be schooled a the Flying 7 Youth Ranch

facility, insuring one on one attention.

5. What about meals?

Our menu has been prepared by a certified nutritionist. Food

will be prepared at the ranch house by staff, and meals will

be typical family meals.

6. Will we be camping out?

Maybe for fun as a reward for reaching goals, but it is not

a part of our curriculum.

7. How do I sign up?

Contact us by referring to the contact page on this web site.

8. How will you help my son?

Before your young man ever gets here we will have assessed his

specific needs. Then, with our resources, we will implement

a program that targets those needs to bring about positive change.