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Flying 7 Ranch

for Youth


Flying 7 Ranch offers scholarships for families who qualify.

We will help with insurance billing and educational funding.

In short Flying 7 Ranch will help families in any way possible

to make your son’s stay with us affordable.

The following options may also be available

to assist with tuition:

  • Scholarships: Substantial scholarships are

    available to help families who qualify.

  • Securing Funds: Educational institutions,

    low interest loans and insurance.

  • Payment Options: Monthly pre-payment or

    discounts for 3 or 6 month pre-pay. Refunds are given for

    youth who leave the program early.

Payment Schedule

Tuition is always due prior to each months stay, and there is

a discount for pre-pay of 3 or 6 month blocks. Money will be

refunded for any student leaving the program early. Contact

us for current tuition costs, and be sure to ask about our scholarship


Admission Guidlines

  • We accept applicants anytime of the year since

    each program is individualized.

  • Parents will be sent an admission packet.
  • Applicants will be evaluated as to their

    specific needs, history, and recommendations by parents and