Attachment Disorder Network 
Of Zebra’s & Horses, Nancy Spoolstra’s story as an adoptive parent, links, articles, and other information.

Attachment Disorder Site 
Nancy Geoghegan’s site with lots of useful information and links to other site. There is also an on-line support group, “The Attachment Disorder Email List” that you can join.

Attachment Disorder Support Group 
Articles, information, and many links to other sites with information about Attachment Disorders.

Center for Family Development 
Attachment Disorder Center evaluating and treating adopted and foster children and teens with reactive attachment disorder and adoption related issues. We treat US and Internationally adopted children

RadKid.Org: Reactive Attachment Disorder and Detachment Issues 
A resource for parents or guardians of children with reactive attachment disorder, or RAD. Describes attachment disorder, its causes, effects, signs and symptoms, and gives tips to parents of detached

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