Eating Disorder Center of California 
Eating disorders are not only about food and weight, but are symptomatic of deeper, more complex issues. Understanding the meaning and function of each client’s eating and/or exercise behaviors is an important component in the recovery process. 
Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center

Healthy Within 
Healthy Within is a unique intensive outpatient program for eating disorders. Our program provides treatment for adolescent males, adolescent females, adult males and adult females suffering from eating disorders.

Sydnie Ridley, M.S., MFT 
Specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, adolescents and depression.

Specializes in teen and young adult nutrition, fitness, self-esteem, educational and fashion issues, linking visitors to a wide variety of products and services known to be of exceptional quality and value!

All Diets 
Diet plans, diet products, weight loss diets, pills, vitamins, minerals, proteins, herbs, wellness

Angela Wurtzel, MA, MFT. 
Angela specializes in the psychological treatment and guidance for women of all ages working to overcome eating disorders, self-injury and compulsive shopping. Her expertise lies in the emotional and personal development of each person she works with.

Anorexia HQ 
THE resource for Anorexia!

DEstructive thoughts can lead to a DEstructive mindset and a negative body image – the breeding ground for eating disorders.

BodyWay Online 
An educational center for healing emotional eating

Center for Eating Disorders 
The Center for Eating Disorders is a non-profit organization, founded in 1983, which provides education, support, prevention, and treatment services to people suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive eating and related disorders.

Eating Disorder Recovery at 
Support, education, inspiration, treatment opportunities for people who have eating disorders. Many articles and resources for patients, families, educators and treatment providers

Eating Disorder Recovery Center – Your internet site for eating disorders 
Eating disorder resource site providing support, education, research, links, treatment providers and message board for those interested in obtaining knowledge and or help with eating disorders

Eating Disorder Treatment 
Eating Disorder Treatment Facility, the Victorian of Newport Beach, including treatment and recovery programs for Anorexia and Bulimia

Eating Recovery and Wellness Center of Nevada 
The Eating Recovery and Wellness Center of Nevada provides comprehensive therapies for individuals experiencing disordered eating with a highly experienced, empathic treatment team who will work with you to rebuild your life! 
A comprehensive whole-body system for healing emotional eating 
Provides TONS of FREE weight loss information, resources, chat rooms and products!

Janet Zinn, LCSW 
Janet Zinn has a varied private practice because she works with individuals, couples, families and groups on a number of levels. She treats long-term clients who are working on core issues in their lives, who choose to go to deep places that illuminate and transform circumstances and/or situations that are not working for them anymore. This is arduous work that can be painful, and yet fulfilling.

Kristie Pfaff LCSW, LSCSW-Eating Disorder Treatment-Missouri 
Individual outpatient therapy for eating disorders, substance abuse, and mood disorders

Laurie Daily 
Laurie is a professional singer and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist who has dedicated her music to eating disorder recovery. All of the songs on Laurie’s CDs relate to her own journey from eating disorders to health in hopes to inspire others to live a life free from anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive eating.

Newton Wellesley Eating Disorders and Behavioral Medicine 
Newton Wellesley Eating Disorders and Behavioral Medicine provides outpatient behavioral health services for individuals with eating disorders and their families. 
A fabulous resource for the non-dieting individual. This site offers information and support in a location near you.

Thin From Within 
Thin From Within is dedicated to enhancing your life and your body through self-growing techniques such as body-centered therapy, coaching, counseling, and other therapeutic techniques.

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