At The Crossroads Academy Boarding Schools for Young Adults – Crossroads helps struggling young adults (ages 18-25) become successful by teaching the values and skilled necessary to live independently in the real world.

We realize that there are many pathways an individual can choose in life. Our Program guides each student down a Pathway that will lead to success. The path for each student is tailored to meet their individual needs, interests and goals.

While at Crossroads students work daily to advance through “Pathways” that help them experience success as they gain valuable experience in becoming a well-balanced, independent adult. Each of the Pathways is separated into three steps. As students implement action plans and achieve goals, they advance through the steps for each Pathway. Students start each Pathway focusing on taking care of their basic needs, then begin looking outside themselves and eventually advance to become leaders and examples to others. Each Pathway step includes higher expectations of the student, increased independence and reduced frequency of monitoring. The program is designed for students to move through all of the Pathways over an eight to twelve month period.

The Pathways to Independence
• Students attend local college, university or trade
• schools.
• GED option available
• Staff monitoring of academic performance
• Home improvement training and work projects

Hard Work
• Expert assistance in resume development
• Mock interviews and feedback from local business
• leaders
• Staff monitoring of job performance

Money Management
• Personal financial training (budgeting, banking, checking, savings, etc.)
• Financial and budget monitoring
• Understanding and improving individual credit

The Pathways to Healthy Living
Diet and Exercise
• Gym membership and Personal Fitness Program
• Cooking and nutrition classes
• Obtaining of Food handlers permit
• Meal preparation

Substance-Free Environment
• Regular Drug Testing

Emotional Health
• Learn to Set and Achieve Goals
• Franklin-Covey “FOCUS” System
• Identifying personal values
• Regular goal reviews
• Updates to family on progress

The Pathways to Spiritual Awareness
Connection with a higher power
• Daily devotionals
• Attendance at Sabbath/Religious services of their choice.
• Identification of personal values
• Weekly M&M’s (Meal and Meeting)

Charity through Service
• Regular Local Area Service Projects
• Senior students help locate, plan and coordinate service
• opportunities.
• Leadership project

The Pathways to Strengthen Relationships
• Family and students working together
• Conference calls with student, family and therapist
• Relationship workbooks for family and students
• Family workshops

Active involved and Positive Social Life
• Achievers Club, under direction of LMFT
• Actively involved in local community
• Students learn and develop purpose, vision, strategy and
• follow through that will help them throughout their lives.


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