Military Schools in Tennessee

What are Military Schools in Tennessee?

Military schools in Tennessee are educational institutions that are structured to operate in a military-like environment. They use militant-style tactics to teach and discipline their students. Their educational programs emphasize both discipline as well as intense physical conditioning. These institutions were developed, originally, as alternatives for troubled teens at risk of serving time in juvenile correctional institutions.

Tennessee military schools provide quality educations to students. But, their enrollment and acceptance policies are very strict. They generally don’t accept students with severe behavioral issues. In many cases, teens with substance abuse issues, mental disorders, emotional problems and learning disabilities are not accepted as students.

In essence, these institutions are military boarding schools. Their military-style tactics are the basis for educating and disciplining students. Their use of “shock incarceration” is used as an alternative to intense programming.

Are Military Schools in Tennessee Effective?

Military institutions are effective for teens working towards a future military career. For others, there are some disadvantages of military schools that you need to know about:

Disadvantages of Military Schools

  • Limited Contact – These institutions limit the contact their students have with outsiders, including parents. The goal is to create more self-sufficient and independent teens. The process for getting approved to attend family functions is very strict.
  • Rigorous Conditioning – These schools believe in rigorous physical conditioning. Teens who are out of shape and have no interest in committing to becoming physically fit just may not make it. Teens must also be psychologically fit, or the conditioning may take a major toll on them.
  • Confrontational Approach – If your child is dreaming of a military career, these schools can prepare them. However, they can cause psychological damage to students with a past that includes a traumatic event. The intimidation, bullying and humiliation tactics can be counterproductive for teens with mental disorders, learning disabilities or unhealthy addictions.

Are Positive Changes Permanent Changes?

According to many students, military-style schools have been positive influences. They say that their military schools helped them think more positive about their futures. However, it’s not yet clear whether the changes lasted once they returned home to their communities after leaving these institutions.

Troubled teens aren’t born bad children. Oftentimes, there are some serious underlying problems that are the causes of their troubling behavior. Intense therapy is the best option for helping these teens recognize their core issues so they can begin healing. Only therapeutic intervention programs that include aftercare therapy can help. Military schools in Tennessee are not dedicated to offering therapeutic programs to their troubled students. This is one reason why they haven’t been truly successful for “changing” teens in trouble.

Alternative to Military Schools

Teens with emotional or psychological troubles or mental disorders need inner-healing. They require intense therapy in order to identify, address and heal from their underlying issues. Therapy can also help teens with learning disabilities understand and cope with their impairments in healthier ways.

Troubled teens require family, individual and group session provided by therapeutic programs to heal. The Family Compass counselors are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Give us a call today so we can help you find the best therapeutic program for you and your teen. You can reach us at 1-866-490-3666.