Military Schools in Louisiana

What are Military Schools in Louisiana?

Military schools in Louisiana are highly structured educational institutions. Unlike most traditional schools, they operate using militant-style tactics in a military-like environment. Their educational programs put much emphasis on physical conditioning. Discipline is of the utmost importance. These institutions were originally developed to give teens in at risk of being placed in juvenile correctional facilities a better alternative.

Louisiana military schools provide their students with quality educational resources. But, they have very strict acceptance policies. That means that teens with serious behavior problems are generally not accepted into their programs. Oftentimes, teens with mental disorders, learning disabilities, substance abuse problems or emotional issues are turned away.

In essence, they are boarding schools that discipline and educate students using military-style tactics. Instead of using intense programming measures, military schools use “shock incarceration” as an alternative.

Are Military Schools in Louisiana Effective?

Military institutions can be beneficial to teens hoping to have a military career someday. But, for many others, there are some serious disadvantages to military schools:

Disadvantages of Military Schools

  • Limited Contact – These students have very limited contact with their parents and other loved ones. The reasoning behind this policy is that it’s supposed to help students become more self-sufficient, as well as independent. There’s a strict approval process for students to leave campus to attend family functions.
  • Intense Conditioning – Success in these schools is very dependent upon being able to endure the intense physical conditioning that’s required. Teens must be in great physical shape, or be committed to getting there. This portion of the programs may take a toll on students who aren’t psychologically and physically fit.
  • Confrontational Approach – Once again, students interested in having a military career need this approach to prepare them for their futures. However, teens who are trying to heal from traumatic experiences may suffer even more psychological damage. The humiliation, bullying and intimidation tactics can be counterproductive for those with learning disabilities, unhealthy addictions or mental disorders.

Positive Changes – Are They Permanent?

Military-style schools have seemed to be a positive influence on many teens. Some say they helped them see their futures in a brighter light. However, the jury is still out on whether or not the positive changes lasted after they left these schools. It also remains to be seen whether the students took what they learned back to their own communities.

Many troubled teens have underlying issues that are leading them to use destructive behaviors to express themselves. It’s only through intense therapy that they can get to those core issues and learn to heal. They need therapeutic intervention programs that are followed up with aftercare therapy. Military schools in Louisiana don’t offer their students therapeutic programs. This is one of the main reasons why they’re not very successful when it comes to “changing” troubled youth.

Alternative to Military Schools

If your child has been diagnosed with a mental disorder or has psychological or emotional troubles, he/she needs inner-healing. Your child need intense therapy so they can address the underlying issues and begin the healing process. Those with learning disabilities need to understand their impairments and learn to cope with them. Only therapy can help them handle this in a healthy manner.

Troubled teens need therapeutic programs that include individual, group and family therapy sessions. The Family Compass is dedicated to helping parents identify the best therapeutic treatment programs for their children.

Call us today so we can discuss the best therapeutic option for your child with you. We can be reached 24 hours per day at 1-866-490-3666.